11 Japanese Beauty Products Byrdie Editors Are Obsessed With

Most people who are into skincare know that Korean beauty has infiltrated the American skincare market in a big way over the past five years—and Japanese beauty is slowly following in its footsteps. I admit, even as a beauty editor, I was pretty unaware of the skincare and makeup technologies currently being developed in Japan—that is, until a month ago when I went on a trip to Tokyo with Japanese cosmetics brand Koh Gen Do. After a few days of touring a dozen or so Japanese department stores and drugstores, it became abundantly clear that J-beauty is just as cutting-edge as K-Beauty. And I discovered so many ingenious formulas—from sunscreen to blush—that have replaced American staples I've used for years.

Newly obsessed with Japanese skincare and makeup, I was curious to find out what J-beauty products my fellow Byrdie editors are into. So I asked them to share the Japanese cosmetics they consider to be holy-grail status. Keep scrolling to discover Byrdie editors' J-beauty favorites.