12 Jade Rollers for Smooth Under-Eyes and a Snatched Jawline

Updated 10/10/18

Jade rollers: also known as the Instagram-buzzy beauty product that has probably been all over your timeline. Chances are, you're either 1) suspicious if it's beauty BS or the real deal or 2) wondering what the heck it even is. We've got answers for you. Jade rollers have been used in Chinese herbal medicine for ages and recently gained popularity because they actually work. Byrdie's very own wellness editor and managing editor of The Thirty, Victoria Hoff, swears by them for her morning routine.

The skincare benefits of jade rollers run the gamut, but most importantly, they lift, tighten, de-puff, and smooth your skin. Even though they look like mini paint rollers, don't feel silly taking a few moments to incorporate them into your skincare routine. They may be tiny, but they have the power to make a world of a difference on the overall look and feel of your face.

Our expressive facial muscles are full of tension. Using jade rollers loosens up the stiffness and knots in your face while tightening and lifting where needed. Skincare expert Ling Chan of Ling Skincare told Byrdie that by using a jade roller, "you increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, and diminish the appearance of fine lines." She also recommends after applying your creams or serums that you "roll the jade roller in an upward motion, working from your neck toward the forehead." There's a reason these things are loved by dermatologists, aestheticians, and beauty gurus alike.

Meet The Expert

Ling Chan is a holistic esthetician and founder of the skincare line Ling New York. She specializes in the mind, body, and spirit connection through her practice and products.

Ahead are the best jade rollers that will do good by your skin.

Jade Roller
Shiffa Jade Roller $63

Effectively contour your face and jawline with this jade roller, which does everything from stimulating blood circulation to helping with lymphatic draining. It also calms puffiness and tightens up your pores.

Let'S Put A Bird On It Jade Roller
Let's Put a Bird on It Jade Roller $20

Dealing with inflammation from an invasive treatment like microdermabrasion? This healing jade roller will soothe your skin while brightening the look of under-eye circles.

Jadience Jade Stone Needle Derma Roller $27

Combat things like fine lines, crow's-feet, and sagging skin with this roller that'll lift and tighten the areas you need a little extra help with. Bonus: You can use it on your body, too. 

Jade Facial Roller
Herbivore Jade Facial Roller $30

This editor-loved jade roller will de-stress your skin with a gentle massage while also detoxifying your lymphatic system. This gemstone works best with your favorite facial oil.

Facial Massager
The Body Shop Facial Massager $8

Loosen up your skin's tissue with this nodular-shaped applicator that'll softly massage and relax your face.

Good Rose Quartz Soothing Face Massage Roller $45

The rose quartz crystal has a refreshing, cooling feel that'll instantly brighten the overall complexion of your face, reduce puffiness, and stretch out muscle tension.

Jade Roller by Biodara at Free People
Biodara Jade Roller $18

Amp up your skin's cell turnover and elasticity with this gemstone tool that'll work wonders for your skin.

Ovovo Agate Jade Roller Massager $15

Slim up and define your face's natural contour with this hardworking tool that's made of 100% natural real agate jade. 

Energy Muse Jade Roller $25

This mini massager brings along the earth energy of jade, which increases lymphatic drainage, decreases puffiness, and soothes stressed-out skin.

La Vie En Rose Face Roller
Angela Caglia La Vie en Rose Face Roller $65

The brand recommends placing this jade roller in the fridge for the ultimate cooling effect and massaging this on top of your go-to moisturizer.

And for a few more of our favorite face-sculpting devices, keep scrolling.

Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller
Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller $69

Talk about an at-home facial—this one does all the work for you, as it's made out of 24 massaging stones that move in a rhythmic, rolling action. 

SPANLA Ice Skin Roller $12

The detachable head of this tool goes in the freezer. Once it's ready, apply this on your skin and body where you want to strengthen your skin's collagen fibers and maximize its elasticity. 

Now that you're up on the best jade rollers in the game, get ready to take a before-and-after selfie of your noninvasive face-lift. Still intrigued? Read more on this ancient skincare practice here.

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