I Tried 8 It Cosmetics Products, and These Were the Best

In 2017, Jamie Kern Lima, founder of It Cosmetics, spoke at the CEW Awards calling for brands to start incorporating more inclusivity in their ad campaigns. She recalled the multiple times she was turned away from investors who claimed people wouldn't buy products from a woman with her body. They also suggested she use aspirational models to sell her products, but Lima went with her gut and went live on QVC with models with rosacea, dark circles, and real skin to show the power of her products. Lima sold out within 10 minutes of pitching her concealer on bare skin (Lima herself has chronic rosacea), and soon It Cosmetics would grow to be a billion-dollar industry.

It's easy to see why women are obsessed with the brand—the before and after pictures are striking. This isn't to say that acne and discoloration should or need to be covered, but there's something utterly confidence-boosting about finding a high-quality product that helps you look and feel your best, a security countless customers have found in It. What's also noteworthy is that the line was formulated with plastic surgeons for cutting-edge technology that works with your skin to lift, brighten, and help it look like your natural skin, only better. 

I decided to put some of the brand's most cult-loved products to the test, and let's just say I've never glowed so much in a selfie, no filter necessary.