We Swapped Beauty Products With Our International Editors—Read Our Reviews

On most days, I test out more products than I know what to do with. No, really—my desk is currently overrun with essential oils, magic balms, all-natural nail polish removers and no less than 16 (SIXTEEN!) face mists. This clutter doesn't even compare to my vanity at home, which looks like my local Sephora threw up all over it. And yet, though I literally have reserves of makeup, skincare, and hair formulas ready for trial, I still have a bad case of beauty product FOMO—especially when it comes to foreign finds that aren't available in the United States.

Can you blame me for being frustrated? The internet has made our world exceedingly smaller in so many ways. I can learn about beauty tips and secrets from far-reaching countries with a cursory Google search. I can see the products I want just by scrolling through the Instagram accounts of international beauty mavens. I can summon the most random assortment of items to my doorstep in a matter of hours, thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime, and yet—and yet—there are still some that remain out of reach. Is it really so much to ask that I get to try out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's makeup line without the added expense of a plane ticket to London?

While we're based here in the U.S., Byrdie is an international brandwe have editorial teams and standalone sites in the UK and Australia. So earlier this summer, I made a little proposal to my beauty-savvy colleagues abroad: What if we did a massive product swap? We'd send them the American makeup, skin, and haircare products we love, and we would happily fulfill any specific requests they had for items that aren't available in their own countries; they would return the favor. Then, we'd all share our reviews on our respective sites.

Several weeks and one epic unboxing video later, my desk is more overpopulated than everand I have at least a dozen new beauty obsessions, from an all-natural Australian hair mask to, yes, RHW's entire makeup range. And while I sadly won't be able to restock some of these items (sniff), the silver lining is that a handful of them can be purchased onlineand there's always hope that the rest will come stateside soon. (This seems to be a trend, after all.)

Watch me check out all the products for the first time below, and keep scrolling to see the reviews of my favorites.

Next up, read what Byrdie Australia and Byrdie UK thought of the American products we sent them.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.