These Australian IG Accounts Will Transform Your Feed Into a Positive Place

Social media, and Instagram in particular, is a fickle thing. On one side, it's a medium chock-full of style and beauty inspiration, recipes, art, decor tips, quotes, and wellness advice. But alternatively, it can also be viewed as a warped version of reality, where everything we see is filtered, cropped, smoothed and staged, leaving followers feeling deflated if their life doesn't quite measure up.

Here at Byrdie Australia, we strive to open a conversation about self-confidence and social media, especially when it comes to the way we feel about our bodies. Last week was "Love Your Body" week, and to celebrate, Instagram launched its "#OwnYourFeed" campaign in partnership with Sportsgirl and The Butterfly Foundation.

In this year’s survey for Love Your Body Week, The Butterfly Foundation and Sportsgirl found that 41.5% of people most of the time or always compare themselves to others on social media—isn't that a little scary? The initiative is essentially designed to inspire users of social media to take control of their feed, and curate content that is positive, and boosts their confidence rather than tear it down. Sounds incredible and very necessary, right? In support of the campaign, we decided to introduce you to some of our favourite body-positive accounts below. Keep scrolling to follow, and DM us any other accounts you love at

Loren Burton is a body confidence and self-care coach who never fails to impress us with her knack for keeping it real online. Also, her travel snaps are 10/10. 

You might recognise Lyndi Cohen by her IG name, @nude_nutritionist, or her gig on morning television show, Today. In a world saturated with low-carb, paleo, keto, fasting, sugar-free, dairy-free everything, Lyndi's approach to eating and health in general is refreshingly no-bullshit and well-rounded. 

Rachel Finch never fails to inspire us to live our healthiest life, and love our bodies and all that they can do for us. 

Steph Claire-Smith is a poster girl for body positivity, both through sharing her own journey, and inspiring other women to live theirs. 

Robyn Lawley is a breath of fresh air in the modelling industry. What's more, she's refusing any cosmetic work on recent facial scarring due to a seizure-induced fall. We are here for this. 

Sports Illustrated model Kate Wasley is an incredible example of mainstream media diversifying their model set to include a range of healthy (and stunning) body types. 

Jade Tunchy is both hilarious and candid in her approach to the cultural zeitgeist that is influencing. Sure, she has another account that's filtered, perfect, and envy-inducing to scroll through, but she strikes a balance and shows us that for every perfect IG pic, there's 50 that didn't make the cut. 

Aside from her killer recipes, Jess Sepel is an advocate for body image, self-confidence, and empowering women everywhere to stop obsessing over what they eat. Her IG is a great mix of recipes, mindfulness tips, and her thoughts on how to develop a healthy relationship with food. 


Feeling inspired to #OwnYourFeed now? If this story brought up any issues for you, you can always turn to The Butterfly Foundation for help. 

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