A Personal Trainer Reveals the Most Effective Inner-Thigh Exercises

When it comes to getting in shape, we have to admit we look for do-it-all exercises, and while that is good to some degree, there are certain areas of our body that get neglected, like our inner thighs. To remedy that, we reached out to Rachel Robinson, a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp Miami, for the best inner-thigh workouts that are easy enough to do from home yet tough enough to tone us up.

According to Robinson toning up our inner thighs “makes a difference in the way we all feel about our bodies, and everyone wants to feel strong and tone in all the right places.” In order to do just that, Robinson has put together an at-home workout series that specifically targets the inner thighs, which she says is “an easy area to work and tighten if you take the time.” For Robinson’s four inner-thigh exercises that will tighten your gams in no time, keep on reading.