12 Cool Fragrance Brands to Check Out If You Love Le Labo

The way we smell can make as much of an impact as a new haircut or lip color. Especially when meeting someone new, it can create a lasting impression—intentional or not. Science supports that idea, as studies show that our olfactory sense can be the most evocative, helping us to recall remarkably vivid memories. For that reason, some people choose to switch up their scent with each new year, while others have a different scent for every season. Then, with one drop of perfume, we can be whisked back to that scent's "era" as if it happened yesterday.

If you love fragrance, you've probably heard of Le Labo. The beloved brand boasts genderless, unique scents that have spawned such devotion, there's an entire Instagram account devoted to what people say about them. Its founders wanted to imagine sensuality as a concept before assigning it to a particular flavor or mood, and this ingenuity has amassed an empire of passionate fans, whether you're a Rose 31 person or prefer Santal 33. In the same vein, there's been a whole new slew of niche, smartly packaged fragrance brands with unique, intoxicating scents on the market. Ahead, our 12 favorites. Go ahead, and get spritz happy.