16 Indie Fragrance Brands That Are Going to Be Huge in 2016


Na Nin

We're calling it: Finding your own unique signature scent has never been easier, thanks to a boon of homegrown, under-the-radar fragrance brands with very talented noses behind them. And since we're just a tad fragrance-obsessed here at Byrdie, we have no problem hunting down the biggest stars on the rise. 

And here they are: a very special selection of brands that are collectively shattering the mold of what a "typical" perfume should smell like, not to mention how they should be formulated. Retailers are taking notice—their cult fandoms, on the other hand, are way ahead of the game.

We think your next scent is on this list…

Which of these scents are you eyeing? Tell us your fave in the comments below!