21 Products We Tried (and Loved) Recently From Brands We'd Never Heard Of

I'm not sure what's been in the water, but the ever-consistent current of products flowing into my life and onto my face lately has been especially wonderful by my nitpicky beauty standards. And interestingly, some of my favorite offerings have been from brands I'd never heard of prior. (Although, that's not to say they're necessarily new, per se.) Sure, we love the infamous cult-classics and the big-name brands and stream of product launches that have taken over the industry, but we also have an unquenchable thirst for anything that's not a household name or immediately recognizable for its iconic or Instagram-famous packaging. So since I've been loving countless indie beauty products lately, I didn't consider it far-fetched to think my fellow beauty editors were in the same boat. Turns out I was right. 

After putting out a CTA for all of Byrdie HQ's current just-discovered brand and product obsessions, I quickly gathered a very covetable list of 21 need-to-know-now products from brands we only just discovered and think you should know about too. (If you don't already!) After all, we were just talking about five of our favorite indie beauty sites, so why not expand on the topic to share our most recent brand finds currently flying unfairly (in our opinion) under the radar? Ahead, 21 of the best indie beauty products Byrdie editors can't stop talking about.