The 9 Best Ice Rollers to Perk Up Tired Skin

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There are a lot of beauty hacks out there—but not all of them are effective. One that truly works: Icing your skin. Yes, placing ice on your skin can do everything from shrinking the look of large pores to decreasing facial puffiness. It’s no wonder that cold therapy has been used forever at spas and is even something celebs like Mandy Moore swear by. But placing ice cubes on your face isn’t exactly convenient—and it can get pretty messy once that ice starts to melt.

Enter ice rollers. These handy gadgets, which you store in the freezer and apply to skin cold, take all the mess out of skin icing. They can be used on your face, neck, and chest to not only deal with the aforementioned skin concerns but also alleviate muscle aches, migraine pain, and more.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best ice rollers money can buy.

Best Overall: StackedSkincare Ice Roller

stackedskincare ice roller

This handheld ice roller gets top honors thanks to its durability—it won’t break even if you put a lot of pressure on it or accidentally drop it. Simply pop the ice roller in the freezer and roll the head over targeted areas on your face and body to minimize redness, irritation, and pain. It’s ideal for use on minor burns, bug bites, and even post-procedure. Fans of this ice roller rave about its ability to decrease puffiness and inflammation as well as its ease of use.

Best Budget: Esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eyes

esarora ice roller

You don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on an ice roller. This version is affordable, offering everything you need to get in on the cold therapy trend without a large price tag. It's an Amazon's Choice with thousands of positive reviews, thanks to its ability to provide soothing relief for sunburns, in addition to improving dry skin and relieving tiredness. The handles come in lots of different colors, and fans rave about how great the roller’s cold head feels on the skin. 

Best for Under Eyes: Kitsch Facial Ice Roller

Kitsch Facial Ice Roller

The handle is a very of-the-moment rose quartz shade, while the head is made of surgical stainless steel that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Use it to help brighten or de-puff the eye contour, or use it to massage in your serums and moisturizer.

Best for Large Pores: Project E Beauty Ice Roller Massager

One of the most common skin complaints people have is that their pores look too large. While you can’t change your pore size, you can make them look smaller temporarily with this effective ice roller. The massage roller head constricts skin to shrink the look of pores. Plus, the head can be detached for easy cleaning.

Best Basic: Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller

Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager Tell us if something is incorrect Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller Face and Body Massager

Go back to the basics with this ice roller. The simple design—a stainless steel roller attached to a solid white handle—makes using this a no-brainer. It's also quite compact so you can bring it with you while traveling. Use it to diminish redness, under-eye bags, large pores, or irritation, as well as to help ease minor pain on the face and body.

Best for Smooth Skin: PUR Botanicals Ice Roller

pur botanicals ice roller

We’re all about embracing the skin you’re in—cellulite, stretch marks, and all—but we get that sometimes you’d want to show off smoother skin. You can use an ice roller to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. If that’s your goal, this is the ice roller for you. When fully frozen, it stays cold for hours, and when applied directly to cellulite, it constricts skin, resulting in a temporarily smoother look. It’s available in five fun colors, so choose the one that complements your personality best.

Best for Muscle Aches: Blunt Beauty Muscle Recovery Relief Roller

One of the reasons why we love ice rollers so much is because they pull double-duty—they not only are good for your skin but they work to relieve aches too. If you have sore muscles, then this is the ice roller for you. Apply it anywhere you need relief—including your face to soothe headache pain.

Best for Travel: Dragonfly Ice Roller

Dragonfly Ice Roller

Headed on a trip? Don't forget to pack this ice roller in your carry-on bag. It comes with its own protective acrylic case, making it ideal to travel with. As for the roller itself, the stainless steel head stays cold longer than plastics and gels, and the small design makes it easy to target areas like under your eyes. The cold helps constrict puffiness and perk up tired-looking eyes. Customers like how small this ice roller is, as well as the fact that it glides smoothly.

Best Multitasker: FIGHTART 3-in-1 Ice Roller, Jade Roller, Gua Sha Massage Tool

Using an ice roller is a great way to refresh your skin—but there are other tools worth trying at well. That’s why we’re recommending this kit—it comes with an ice roller, which offers all the benefits you’d want from one, as well as a jade roller and gua sha massager. Both the ice roller and jade roller can help smooth wrinkles and shrink pores, while the gua sha massager can help drain lymphatic fluids for less puffiness.

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