12 Hydrating Eye Creams Recommended by Dermatologists, Editors, and Reviews

A hydrating eye cream is an integral part of any comprehensive skincare routine. In fact, our managing editor, Lindsey, proved that fact when she thought she could skip it. "After consulting with a few skincare experts to fact-check myself, I've since had to put my foot in my mouth," Lindsey said after learning of the step's importance.

"The skin around the eyes is thin, and there are no oil glands in this area to help with keeping the area moisturized," explains Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, MD, director of cosmetic dermatology at South Shore Medical Center. "Collagen weakens easily in this area, which results in deep lines and wrinkles." Because of this, the eye area tends to show signs of aging before any other area on the face, she adds.

So what to do? Rather than preaching any further about how much you need an eye cream, we're going to collect the best hydrating options and explain why they're particularly effective. Then you can take action yourself and purchase the one best suited for you. Without further ado, see our most treasured formulas.