This "Unhealthy" Food Is Actually Great for Balancing Your Hormones

The world of hormones is vast, nuanced, and at times, vaguely terrifying. After all, there's an endless list of seemingly random things (your period! Your nail polish! Your couch!) that can tip the scales and throw the delicate system off balance, manifesting in any number of symptoms—moodiness, weight gain, and fatigue, to name a few. When something feels "off," chances are your hormones may be to blame.

Diet is a huge component in this system. Experts tell us that a poor eating plan—particularly one that's high in sugar and processed food—can consistently throw off our hormones. "Overloading on sugary foods can lead to insulin resistance, where your cells become numb to insulin," notes Sara Gottfried, MD, New York Times best-selling author of The Hormone Reset Diet ($17). But while knowing what not to eat is always useful, know that you prime your body for optimal hormonal function by also ingesting an array of balancing foods. And according to experts, one type of food in particular should be your go-to in this pursuit.

Keep reading to find out what it is.