The Best Holographic Lip Glosses That Actually Feel Wearable

It's no secret that the holographic craze has been likened to the fascinating mystique of a unicorn, and really, the comparison is fitting. After all, the supernatural creature represents the essence of legend, immortality, and longevity, and really, hasn't the holographic trend proved to be similar? (We kid… kind of.) Though completely enchanting to look at, we initially doubted the staying power of the look, but as it turns out, it's been a couple years, and if sizzling trend forecasts, makeup tutorials, and sky-high Google searches count for anything, holographic is here to say. (At least, as far as our mortal eyes can see.)

That being said, some holographic makeup products are more wearable than others, and lip glosses are one such example. And since we're prematurely tiring of our oxblood mattes and signature nudes, what better time to huddle up 10 of the best holographic lip glosses our *admittedly jaded* cones and retinas have ever laid eyes on?