11 Gifts for Your Skin-Conscious Man Friend

Pampering oneself is the great equalizer among us.

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Graphic by Cristina Cianci

This one’s…[John Mayer voice] feu de bois. Or, ya know—any gender nonconforming individual with a penchant for masculine skincare. While dudes have a reputation for being difficult to shop for, the truth is that pampering oneself is the great equalizer among us. And the holidays are actually the perfect time for a product makeover sneak attack—whether they identify as a grooming aficionado or their current regimen consists of a bar of soap.

Either way, we’ve got every corner of their routine covered: the skincare basics, fancy accessories, must-have gadgets, and everything in between. Better yet, we made sure to include items you wouldn’t mind swiping for yourself—because that’s what really matters, right? 

The bottom line: When it comes to great skin (and easy gifting), everyone wins. Your shopping list gets way easier below.

tiger's eye jade roller
Jade Roller Beauty Tiger's Eye Roller $78

We can all get behind firmer skin and a more chiseled jawline. This jade roller gets the job done when it comes to improving circulation and lymph flow—and the tiger-eye finish isn’t bad to look at either.

parachute robe
Parachute Waffle Robe $119

Is it technically a skincare product? No. Does this coziest of robes encourage a lengthy self-care routine, however? Absolutely. And speaking from experience, this gift aims to please.

shave set
Muhle Rytmo Four-Piece Chrome Shaving Set $124

A shaving cream brush just feels so Mad Men, doesn’t it? This chrome set is perfect for the guy looking to upgrade his grooming regimen from basic to capital-F Fancy.

soft ritual set
Soft Ritual Set $42

We have our eye on Soft, a brand new, genderless skincare brand out of NYC. The branding is on point, as is the ingredient list in their debut Moisture Mask ($36): With a triple threat of hylauronic acid, squalane, and niacinamide (in addition to a couple other botanicals), you can expect dewy skin for days. In other words: You’re getting this kit for your dude, but you’re really getting it for yourself.

Manscaped the lawn mower 2.0
Manscaped The Lawn Mower 2.0 Waterproof Electric Trimmer $50

As much as I despise the word "groin" let’s all remember that good skincare doesn’t stop at the face. This trimmer is kind to skin in even the most sensitive places—and can either be seen as a gift of TLC or mild kink, depending on your POV.

le labo groom box
Le Labo Grooming Box $360

For those who won’t settle for anything less than the height of cult-beloved luxury, this Le Labo setup is just the ticket. While the price tag is on the heftier side, this pretty oak box houses all the works: shaving cream, aftershave balm, face lotion, beard oil, and a few other essentials.  

beard brand beard kit
Beard Brand Spiced Citrus Beard Kit $100

So your guy decided his Movember look is actually “pretty tight.” (His words, not ours.) If he doesn’t know how to take care of his newfound scruff, that can spell out some skincare woes for you. (Ever heard of “beard burn?”) Nip that nonsense in the bud with this hair-softening kit, which has a very nice fragrance to boot.

grown alchemist
Grown Alchemist Body Cleansing Kit $90

“What’s wrong with bar soap?” he asks. (Um… everything?) Hook him with the cool chrome bottles, and there’s no question that he’ll fall for the top-notch product within. Grown Alchemist is one of our all-time favorite brands for its botanical formulas that are as luxurious as they are effective. (And the androgynous packaging looks great in anyone’s shower.)

Aesop The Orator Kit $177

How about unboxing a skincare routine that’s totally ready to go—just add water? Even for the guy well-versed in skincare, this limited-edition Aesop kit is a dream: Featuring the brand’s famous Parsley Seed cleanser, toner, and serum set, it’s the stuff bathroom counter dreams are made of.

Kiehl’s Men’s Skincare Starter Kit
Kiehl’s Men’s Skincare Starter Kit $39

It says so right in the product name: This very giftable kit is a cost-effective way for anyone to start amassing a better skincare routine. 

Away Dopp Kit ($45)

Away Dopp Kit
Away Dopp Kit $45

Now that your guy has all these amazing new products, he’s going to need a place to stash them all. Might we suggest Away’s simple, sturdy, and effective Dopp Kit?

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