8 Holiday Gift Sets You May End Up Keeping for Yourself

As much as I hate to admit it, I've got a go-all-in personality when it comes to the holidays. I buy that limited-edition gingerbread-crumble-sprinkle-whatever coffee creamer and switch all my playlists to festive jingles as soon as the temps drop.

However, as jolly as my holiday spirit is, I dread shopping for gifts. My list includes my sister, who says she'll love anything (but in reality loves nothing); my long-distance bestie, who deserves an amazing gift to make up for the all time we don't spend together; and my co-workers, who get lavish freebies all the time—so what more could they want?

This year, after hours of internet research, I've landed on the solution: holiday beauty gift sets. Because here's the thing… Everyone loves a gift set. There are endless options to fit anyone's taste, budget, or routine, and the very best holiday beauty gifts sets give you more product than you'd ever splurge on for yourself. Read on to see my picks, including the SK-II set I'm keeping for myself.