While You're Doing Your Autumn/Winter Shopping at H&M, Pick up These Beauty Buys

Best H&M Beauty Products: Vanilla EDT

There's a baby photo of me decked out in a polka-dot ensemble from H&M in my living room cabinet. It's evidence that I've always recognized the appeal of the retailer's offerings. Yes, I know you've probably spent far too many hours refreshing the new arrivals page. It's understandable, as the retailer has nailed all of the autumn/winter 2018 trends like this leopard-printed slip and this pleated skirt in the color of the season.

While you're nabbing new pieces for your wardrobe, you also need to make a beeline for the beauty section, which I can't get enough of. Filled with affordable, seasonal and super-minimal packaging, they're well worth cheating on a midi dress for. I've been busy putting some of H&M's beauty buys to the test so that I can share the best products you need to stock up on. Get ready to fill up your basket.

H&M Les Catyes Vetyver Perfume Oil
H&M Les Catyes Vetyver Perfume Oil $6

Once I got the instant tang of grapefruit and lemon before it dried down into an earthy wood, I knew this perfume oil was set to become my new midafternoon fragrance refresher. It makes sense, as perfumer Olivier Pescheux is behind the creation.

H&M Gel Nail Colour in Bordeaux
H&M Gel Nail Colour in Bordeaux $6

There really aren't enough hours in the day to paint your nails and then reapply the polish later. This polish combined with H&M Gel Top Coat (£6) saw me through building furniture, a long Sunday bath and a lot of weekend admin. I'm sold.

H&M Metallised Drops in Molten Bronze
H&M Metallised Drops in Molten Bronze $15

If I'm going to showcase my shoulders, I'll douse them in some sort of glow-enhancing product before they make an appearance. These drops are made for all shoulder-baring purposes and can be added into your primer or foundation for a stellar highlight.

H&M Vanilla Eau de Toilette
H&M Vanilla Eau de Toilette $5

I'll admit it: I'm a bit of a perfume snob, and the net worth of my perfume tray is a testament to that. But this sweet treat has made its way onto my cool-girl tray. I've been layering it with my dark, spicy, oud-filled scents that need some creaminess.

H&M Lip Gloss in All Clear
H&M Lip Gloss in All Clear $6

A clear lip gloss is a makeup-bag essential, but it's not the most memorable of products. In fact, it's usually hiding out in the bottom of mine. H&M's lip gloss has made its way to the top of my bag after the tack-free finish made me question why I ever stopped wearing clear gloss in the first place.

H&M False Eyelashes in Pirouette
H&M False Eyelashes in Pirouette $4

I wear false eyelashes every time I wear makeup, so I take lash-wearing very seriously. I usually sport an extravagant pair of Huda Beauty lashes, but recently I've been reaching for these for a more natural look (especially on days when I want my eyes to be seen before my lashes).

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