6 Stylish Hiking Outfits That’ll Motivate You To Get Outside

Who said hiking gear couldn't be cool?

Hiking Outfits

Byrdie / Cristina Cianci

There’s something about being in Los Angeles that makes you want to be outdoors. Perhaps it’s the perpetually sunny weather, or maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been cooped up with nothing but the internet to sustain us for nearly a year. Either way, hiking in any locale is a great way to get fresh air, good exercise, and some vitamin D—as long as you keep a safe distance. Hiking is also an ideal activity if you want to take some time alone or with friends without the distraction of your phone for a proper digital detox. But contrary to popular belief, the best hiking outfits don’t have to be bland.

Still, going on a hike isn’t the same as heading to a workout class. You’ll need high-functioning gear that’ll keep you dry, comfortable, and stable—and everything will need to be light enough to carry with you for the entire hike. If you’re a beginner, you’re likely to start with a mostly flat trail just to get a feel for the terrain. That means hiking boots may not be necessary, but a good pair of sneakers and some sunscreen are paramount. For intermediates who want to try a mix of terrain and a spike in elevation, clothes that won’t get in the way is crucial. 

For expert hikers ready to take on rocky trails and longer distances, having footwear with proper ankle support and clothing with adequate layers to account for changes in temperatures is key. Still, it’s possible to look stylish while working up a sweat. Whether you’re walking along a flat trail just to get moving or you’re planning to work up a sweat at high elevation, these hiking outfits are the perfect motivation to help you quit doom-scrolling and get outside. 

Stylish Hiking Outfit

Hiking outfit 1

Byrdie / Cristina Cianci

If you’re mostly going for the photo opp (no judgment here), this sweatshirt from the Reebok x Victoria Beckham collab is the perfect piece to layer over a pair of ribbed leggings. The fanny pack can hold everything but your water.

Casual Hiking Outfit

casual hiking outfit

Byrdie / Cristina Cianci

High elevation isn’t for everyone. If you’re sticking with flat trails, opt for a pair of comfortable sneakers over true hiking boots. 

Shorts Hiking Outfit

shorts hiking outfit

Byrdie / Cristina Cianci

Prefer shorts over leggings? A double-layered pair made from lightweight jersey material will keep you breezy the whole time. But not too breezy.

Functional Hiking Outfit 

functional hiking outfit

Byrdie / Cristina Cianci

This look proves that high-performance gear doesn’t have to look old-fashioned. If you’ll be hiking over rocky terrain, make sure you grab a pair of shoes with some ankle support, like these from Merrell. 

Cold-Weather Hiking Outfit

cold weather hiking outfit

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Look for fabrics that trap heat—like the poly-blend in Uniqlo’s HeatTech—and then layer up. Stick with unbulky, packable styles that you can tie around your waist or throw in a small backpack if you get too hot.

Hot Weather Hiking Outfit

hot weather hiking outfit

Byrdie / Cristina Cianci

Sweat-wicking materials like nylon can help draw sweat and heat away from your body, making it perfect for hikes in the sweltering heat. Besides, nothing screams “it’s hot” like a one-shouldered sports bra. A pair of hiking boots with ventilation will keep your feet cool, too. 

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