I Only Tried Mascaras Over $40, and These Are the Ones Worth My Paycheck

I know it's a tough sell to get you to fork over some serious cash for a mascara when there are plenty of wallet-friendlier options out there. But if you were to ask me if high-end mascaras are worth the money, I have to be honest and say that some are. As someone who is admittedly drawn to fancy things, I've tried them all.

With the best high-end mascaras, you are paying for more than the aesthetically pleasing tube its held in and the designer brand name. Most of the time, these mascaras double as both makeup and haircare, as they're made with formulas that are intense with color and growth serum for natural long lashes. So while I'm not suggesting you scoff at a cheaper mascara, if you're in the market for something new and have the money to splurge a bit, check out the nine best ones below.