Byrdie Editors Share the 8 Pricey Foundations That Are Worth the Price Tag

Just because a barrage of fancy beauty products pass by our desks each day doesn't mean we're too proud to use a drugstore buy—my go-to foundation of nearly 10 years just so happens to be Revlon ColorStay ($10). But because we discover so many top-shelf products, we do our due diligence and give them a test-drive to determine whether they're worth the hefty price tag.

Considering my all-time favorite foundation costs as much as my Chipotle order, I thought it would be interesting to poll the Byrdie team to see if they've found a high-performing foundation as expensive as a meal at a five-star restaurant. As it turns out, there are several we agree are worth eating ramen for a week.

Sticking with the theme, these are our favorite products from the most expensive skincare brands.