These 3 Heated Hair Rollers Have the Highest Ratings on Amazon

Updated 01/27/18

Remember when heated hair rollers were a thing? They were once the gadget so many of us relied on for big, bouncy curls that could rival even the best blow-dry, but then curling tongs happened and we got cocky. We might have thought that these newfangled gadgets would fulfill all our hair dreams in a twist of a strand and flick of the wrist but that was foolish: Unless you have the nimblest of hands, asbestos fingertips and the hand-eye coordination of a surgeon, they're not actually all that easy.

And that's exactly why we're petitioning for the return of the heated hair roller. So simple that all they require is wrapping a section of hair around a warm roller, clipping in to place and leaving them to do their thing. And as they don't reach that same volcanic heat of a curling wand, they're also much better at achieving those loose, lived-in curls.

Best heated hair rollers

The only problem is that they can be so hit-or-miss. Some barely get any hotter than a forgotten matcha latte whilst others don't have enough grip to cling to hair and fall out with every turn of the head. And then there's the important consideration of size: anything too small will leave you with china doll–esque ringlets, anything too big will barely leave a wave. We turned to trusty Amazon and it's comprehensive reviews to work out which ones are actually worth our money and found the three most impressive sets, each with over 4.3 stars, so you know they've got to be good.

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#3: BaByliss

Best Heated Hair Rollers
BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers $30

Average rating: 4.3 stars

Just like your favourite hair straighteners, these rollers from BaByliss are ceramic-plated, meaning they are much kinder to hair than a metal tong. And while they don't get hot enough to singe your fingertips, the 472 reviews on Amazon confirm they have enough heat to really set the curl in place—even on thick hair. Customer Linda Harvey agreed: She wrote, "I am delighted with them. I have thick, strong hair and these rollers heat sufficiently in about five mins. They do their job perfectly."

#2: Diva Professional Styling

Best Heated Hair Rollers
Diva Professional Styling Session Instant Heat Hot Pod $45

Average rating: 4.3 stars

While it is slightly annoying you need to buy the rollers separately (a set of four rollers, four clips and four pins costs £30), the Amazon reviews for this heater pod promise it's worth it. Jen wrote: "Incredibly easy to use - they really do heat up in less than 10 seconds," also noting that each roller has a clever red light that stays lit for as long as the roller is hot enough. Genius.

#1: Remington

Best Heated Hair Rollers
Remington Proluxe Heated Rollers $45

Average rating: 4.5 stars

These velvet-flocked rollers get hot enough to curl even the most stubborn of hair types, but the ends don't conduct heat meaning they are safe to touch. Amazon reviewers were also pretty impressed with how the clips don't leave a single kink on the curl.

A customer named Jay wrote: "I often struggle with rollers, both in wrapping the hair around and keeping the rollers in place, but this set has made it really easy: the velvet coating makes it very easy for my fine hair to wrap around and the clip holds in place perfectly without a lot of fuss."

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