7 Heated Lash Curlers to Use If Traditional Lash Curlers Aren't Your Jam

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There’s something about full, long lashes that make you look so put together, even without any other makeup on. Eyelash curlers further amplify the look, so it’s no surprise that it’s a coveted beauty tool in one’s arsenal. But—if you’re looking for an even more intense curl, then consider the heated eyelash curler your new best friend.

Think of this device as a hot tool for your lashes—the heat causes the lashes to curl upwards and has a longer staying power than a regular curler. But, just like you would with a traditional eyelash curler, you need to seal the look with a few coats of mascara.

Below, the best heated eyelash curlers that really deliver.

Best Overall: Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Chella Eyelash Curler

Evenly distributed heat, simple to use, and a compact design make this heated eyelash curler one of our absolute favorites. The device features a comb with heated teeth. Start by combing from the middle of your lashes outwards, keeping the comb pressed against the hair for up to 10 seconds so that the heat can penetrate. Continue with the sides of your lashes, pressing and combing until you’ve got your desired look.

Best Rechargeable: Lash Star Heated Lash Styler

Lash star

This curler looks suspiciously like a flash drive, which makes it super portable and a breeze to tote around. Equipped with a USB port, this can easily be charged almost anywhere—at home, at work, or abroad. Within the comb is a ceramic rod that evenly heats all types of lashes, especially unruly strands.

Best Budget: YCIGFUNS Ceramic Electric Eyelash Curler

All it takes is 10 seconds for this curler to heat up. Before using the device, apply a thin coat of mascara to your lashes. Press the comb against the base of your lashes—as far as you can go without burning yourself—and hold to the hair for 15 seconds. Repeat this last step as you move up the lash line. Plus, the double-sided design gets both top and lower lashes.

Best Double Duty: Remington Reveal Lash & Brow Kit


A heated lash comb that comes with a precision tweezer? Your lashes and brows are in for a treat. This curler has heated prongs, that when combed through, don’t pinch or tug at your lashes. Once the indicator light turns red, the device is ready to use on naked lashes or lashes coated with mascara. And the tweezer is equipped with a light, so you won’t miss a single spot.

Best for Short Lashes: Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler

This highly-rated Amazon product delivers thermal heating in just seven seconds. Unlike other heated curlers, this particular comb is wider, so it’s ideal in getting every lash at every angle. By pushing the wand into the lashes and brushing, you can create a deep curling effect. Reviewers enjoy that the device is temperature-controlled, so there’s no burning or breaking of your lashes.

Best for Lash Extensions: ZLiME Heated Eyelash Curler with Comb

With two temperature settings, this heated curler works for everyone. Use the lower setting for thin, fine lashes and the higher setting for thicker lashes. Bonus: The comb is safe to use on lash extensions, just make sure you’re not keeping the heat on the extensions for too long. Plus, the addition of an LED light helps make applications even more precise. Reviewers like the convenience of the rechargeable battery, so no need to run out for more batteries.

Best for Travel: Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Comb

While this tool gives a long-lasting curl, its comb also helps to separate lashes effectively to prevent clumping, even after mascara application. Its compact design can fit right in your makeup bag, or even in the lipstick compartment in your purse. Reviewers enjoyed the tool's ability to curl stubborn lashes.

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