Obsessed With Hot Tools? These 12 Heat Protectants for Hair Are a Total Must

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Heat Protectants for Hair

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The hard truth of the matter is that pretty much anything and everything we do to our hair—color it, brush it, style it—takes a toll on our tresses. And of all the many factors that contribute to hair damage, heat styling just may be one of the worst. The good news? It’s also super easy to prevent this type of damage. No, you don’t need to give up your beloved hair dryer or curling iron.

All you have to do is make sure you prep your strands with a good heat protectant. Think of these as sunscreen for your hair—an essential protective step to ensure your hair stays soft, strong, and healthy. “Heat protectants act as a protective barrier between your hair and a hot tool, protecting it from burning, drying out, and becoming dull.  A heat protectant will help smooth the cuticle and leave hair looking shiny and healthy,” explains Chicago-based celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown

Now that we’ve convinced you of their importance, read on for the best heat protectants below.

Best Overall: Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray

Living Proof

We love the heat protection this lightweight spritz delivers, but we also love its versatility. It can go on wet or dry hair (the perfect option when you want to use your straightener for a quick touch-up on second-day hair)—plus, it even works as a UV protectant, too. Also nice: It delivers mirror-like shine, no matter which way you use it.

Best Budget: Pantene Pro-V Nutrient Boost Heat Primer Thermal Heat Protection

Pantene Pro-V Nutrient Boost Heat Primer Thermal Heat Protection

Maybe you use hot tools daily and go through protective products like water, or maybe you just don’t like to spend big bucks on your haircare routine. Either way, this drugstore staple is choice. Mist it all over pre-styling and let the protective polymers in the formula do their thing, protecting hair from temps up to 450 degrees.

Best for Dry Hair: Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase Detangling Milk Styling Spray

leonor greyl biphase styling spray

You can tell this is going to be a good pick for dehydrated tresses just by the very name of it. Indeed, the creamy spray is oil-based to impart plenty of moisture and condition hair, but it also acts as a great detangler, and, of course, a heat protectant. FYI, it does have a strong scent, which can be a turnoff for some.

Best for Thick Hair: Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer

Bumble and Bumble

As the name suggests, this product is packed with rich oils (coconut, argan, and macadamia, to name a few) to hydrate and soften even super thick or coarse hair. It also works well to tamp down frizzies and guards against both heat and UV damage, all without leaving behind any kind of unwanted residue.

Best for Relaxed Hair: Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant


Despite the fact that rich argan oil is the key ingredient here, this aerosol spray is surprisingly dry and weightless, which makes it a great pick for relaxed hair. It contains conditioning panthenol, too, and boasts an addicting signature scent that’s so good it'll make you reach for the product daily.

Best for Curly Hair: Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Thermal & Heat Protectant Spray

Mielle Organics Mongogo Oil Thermal Heat & Protectant Spray

No matter whether you’re blow-drying and straightening your naturally curly texture or are using an iron to add definition to your spirals, heat protectants are especially important for those with curly hair. Enter this pick, which relies on a combo of organic oils to shield strands from heat, add shine, and smooth out frizz.

Best for Colored Hair: Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray

Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray

Water is hair color’s worst enemy, but heat is a close second. (Not to mention that the more heat-damaged your hair is, the less it'll be able to absorb color evenly.) This spritz packs a whopping 21 benefits, including, of course, color preservation and heat protection, and works great for all hair types and textures.

Best for Frizzy Hair: Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Cream

Briogeo Farwell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème

While this is a good pick for all hair types, it’s an especially great option for those constantly combatting flyaways. Rosehip oil in the formula balances moisture levels (the secret to warding off frizz), while argan and coconut oils further hydrate and smooth. Plus, the cream consistency is a nice change for those with thicker strands who may find sprays to be too light. Just use one or two quarter-size dollops, based on the length and texture of your hair.

Best for Damaged Hair: Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

olaplex no 7 bonding oil

Heat protectants are a must for preventing future tress stress, but if the damage has already been done and your hair is in need of some extra TLC, reach for this reparative and heat protecting oil. Like all of the Olaplex products (which Byrdie editors rave about, BTW), it works by targeting and repairing the broken protein bonds in the hair. In short, strands are left smoother, softer, shinier, stronger, and with more vibrant color.

Best Multi-Tasking: Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray

Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray

Yes, another option from Living Proof made it on this list—the brand is just that good at creating protective products. This one is choice for those who like to score multiple benefits from one product; it acts as a strengthening leave-in conditioner, smoothing detangler, and heat protectant, all in one. Unlike its aforementioned counterpart, it’s a spray, not an aerosol, which is ideal for those who may be avoiding aerosols for environmental reasons.

Best for Blowouts: Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Cream

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Cream

For those who reach for their blow dryer daily, this is an absolute must. Not only does it offer the requisite heat protection (for up to 450 degrees), it even works to reduce blow-dry time. You get out the door faster and your hair is subjected to heat for a shorter amount of time—that’s what we call a win-win. Plus, it works as a great styler, too, imparting plenty of smoothness and shine to your blowout.

Best for Straightening: Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist

Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist

Meanwhile, if it’s a flat iron that you reach for every morning, this is the product for you. It too safeguards strands from temperatures up to 450 degrees and has the added benefit of keeping your newly straightened style smooth and sleek for up to 48 hours. Simply mist it evenly onto dry hair before you hit it with the iron.

Final Verdict

The Living Proof Restore Instant Protection is one of our favorite multi-tasking styling products in general, and indeed, offering exceptional heat protection is just one of the many benefits it offers. (Plus, it can go on dry strands, making it ideal for second-day heat styling.) As far as drugstore options go, the Pantene Pro-V Nutrient Boost Heat Primer Thermal Heat Protection is a stand-out wallet-friendly pick, boasting the same level of protection (up to 450 degrees) as many of its pricier counterparts. A heat protectant is an absolute non-negotiable if you have damaged hair; try the Olaplex No7 Bonding Oil. And if you’re all about a daily blowout, consider the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, which both protects against heat and speeds up dry time to further minimize damage.

What to Look For In a Heat Protectant


While they’re more often thought of as a skincare ingredient, humectants—hydrating ingredients that attract moisture—can be super beneficial in hair care, and are especially good to look for in a heat protectant, says Brown. After all, more moisturized hair equals healthier hair. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid are two good ones to look for.

Strengthening Ingredients

According to Brown, it’s also a good idea to look for strengthening ingredients in a heat protectant—they're an added layer of defense against any heat-induced damage. Things such as amino acids, keratin, and wheat protein are all good options. 

Why Trust Us?

Byrdie contributor Melanie Rud has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, writing for some of the biggest magazines and websites out there. While these days she’s more of an air-dry kinda girl, you better believe she uses a heat protectant anytime she blows out her hair.

Meet the Expert

Alex Brown is a celebrity hairstylist and Chicago-based salon owner, who also divides her time between NYC and LA. A former assistant to Jen Atkin, Alex has styled hair across the world, and her celebrity work includes Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, and Olivia Culpo.

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