The Best Breakfasts for a Slimmer Waist, by a Model-Turned-Nutritionist

healthy breakfast recipes
Alicia Rountree

We pick the brains of models day in and day out, constantly prying into their medicine cabinets and kitchen cupboards in an attempt to uncover their elusive model secrets. In these endeavors, we hear a lot about eating clean and avoiding sugar, but rarely do we hear diet tips from a model who also happens to have a degree in nutritional science. But that’s exactly what we found in Alicia Rountree. The Mauritian model (she’s got the island hair and bronzed glow to prove it) is also a certified nutritionist and restaurateur (she has to be able to put her knowledge into practice, right?), and today, she’s sharing her secrets with us.

You've heard it a million times before, but that doesn't make it any less true: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For me, this couldn't be more accurate. The way you decide to eat breakfast really affects how the rest of your day goes. The only problem is we often find ourselves scrambling in the mornings, leaving us with almost no time to prepare a meal. This is where my favorite busy-girl breakfast ideas come into play. These easy, nutritious, and satisfying options will help start your day off on the right foot. Keep scrolling for four of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes for busy mornings.

Barley Flour and Rice Milk Crêpes

Alicia Rountree

What's great about this recipe is that you can make a stack of crêpes, keep them in the fridge, and heat them up later. Add your favorite toppings for a speedy, delicious breakfast. This recipe is perfect for adults and kids alike.


3 cups rice milk

2 eggs

2 1/2 cups barley flour

A pinch of salt


Whisk all the ingredients together in a big bowl until the mixture becomes light and fluffy. Add in a bit more rice milk if the mixture is too thick. Heat up a small amount of butter or coconut oil in a nonstick pan for each crêpe, and cook until golden on each side.

I like to top my crêpes with a bit of raw honey, lemon, and raw sugar. Add whatever you fancy—fresh fruit, nuts, jam—it's up to you. I also love them plain as well because they're so light!

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Egg White Omelet

Nadezhda Rybalchenko

The perfect post-workout recipe! The eggs will keep you lean, and the avocado is full of healthy fats that have no cholesterol or sodium. They even contain more potassium than a banana!


3 free-range egg whites

1 spring onion

A handful of baby spinach

1/2 avocado

A pinch of salt and pepper


After cracking your eggs and separating them, mix the egg whites, spring onion, spinach, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Heat a small amount of butter or coconut oil in a nonstick pan, and add the mixture. Cook on low heat until it starts to solidify, and use a spatula to roll it on itself until cooked all round, about two to three minutes. Add to your plate, and enjoy with avocado on the side. I like to crack a small amount of Himalayan pink salt on my avocado as well.

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best healthy breakfasts
Alicia Rountree

Good Morning Smoothie

Rose & Ivy Journal

This is my go-to smoothie any day of the year. It's very satisfying and filling, perfect for an on-the-go breakfast. I like to add Maca powder, as it is a great pick-me-up for that early-morning boost.


1/2 ripe banana

1 slice of pineapple

1 pitted date

1 glass of almond milk

1 tsp. Maca powder


Blend all ingredients in a power blender. I like to use a NutriBullet, as it is very easy to use and fast to clean up. If you like your smoothie cold, add a few ice cubes. It's usually cold enough if the ingredients are kept in the fridge.

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Overnight Oats

Rose & Ivy Journal

Overnight oats are so simple and quick to make. You prepare them the night before, and just grab and go in the morning! The oats are soaked overnight, about six to eight hours, in any kind of liquid you like! My favorite is with almond milk.


1 grated apple

1/4 cup oats

1/3 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup plant-based milk of choice

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tbsp. raw honey

A handful of sunflower seeds


Place the grated apple at the bottom of a jar. Add the cranberries, oats, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and raw honey, then pour milk on top. Briefly stir the mix together, and close the lid. Store in the fridge overnight.

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