This Model Has the Most Famous Hands in the World—Here Are Her Beauty Secrets

From the second I met Adele Uddo (a parts model who has artfully cradled everything from Prada's Candy to Hugh Jackman's head in her world-famous hands), I wanted to know all of her beauty secrets. Not only did Uddo exude the kind of exceptional warmth and inner beauty that, quite honestly, feels rare this day and age, but she also had gorgeous skin—practically poreless—and the kind of thick, lustrous hair most of us only dream of. Oh, and as I quickly found out just minutes into our meeting discussing her namesake brand Essentiel by Adele's starring labor-of-love product Essentiel Moisture ($39), she's an innovative, creative, and passionate businesswoman to boot.

It's no secret that many (dermatologists included) cite our hands as the telltale marker of our age. After all, we tend to pour our youth-preserving efforts (and the contents of our wallets) into maintaining the likes of our faces and necks far before we consider the wear and tear our hands could slyly divulge. However, as a world-famous parts model whose hands are, quite literally, under a microscopic lens on a day-to-day basis, Uddo's had to pay her hands just as much, if not more, love and attention as she has on other parts of her body. While she describes herself as an "old bird" in the beauty industry, she explains on her website that she's actually doubled for leading ladies who could be her daughter. In other words, whatever she's doing (starting with the heartfelt formulation of her addictive multitasking moisturizer) is most definitely working.

As Uddo explained to me during our meeting a few months back, a mantra of moisture, moisture, moisture has been the name of the game in terms of keeping her skin in tip-top shape. However, after years of never being fully satisfied with various products, she decided to take things into her own hands (literally) by experimenting in her kitchen to create an elixir that would not only deliver the high-quality results she craved but also serve as a multipurpose moisture remedy for her hands, face, and body. Well, she succeeded. In fact, her brilliant melding of essential oils, MSM, hyaluronic acid, coffee berry, aloe, plant oils, and other luxurious fare is the subject of my obsession. So to learn more about her inspiring venture into the skin and beauty industry—and all her covetable beauty and wellness secrets—I asked Uddo for her expert intel. From her day-to-day beauty routine to the ins and outs of formulating her own signature moisturizer, keep scrolling! Ahead, everything you ever wanted to know from world-famous parts model Adele Uddo.