10 Moisturizing Hand Creams You Should Keep in Every Drawer

We've all been there. You're typing away at a computer and look down, only to see ashiness has crept up on every inch of your hands. Or you're commuting in the morning and your poor hands are so cold and dry, even your coat pockets feel like Antarctica. Let's make it a goal in 2019 to avoid these scenarios by keeping hand cream nearby at all times. We're here to help you achieve that goal and rounded up the best hand creams for dry skin.

Happy hands mean moisturized, nourished, soft hands. This requires upkeep. No matter how good your skincare routine is in the morning, the chances you'll have to slather some hand cream on during the day are very high. The trick is to get a good one that leaves your paws feeling silky-soft and hydrated for hours on end. Hardworking oils, vitamins, and botanical extracts are a few things you should be looking for in your hand creams. Keep scrolling for the hand creams we keep very, very close.