The Best Last-Minute Makeup Products for Halloween, Regardless of Costume

Each year, I make grand plans for Halloween. I come up with an idea for an elaborate costume. Often it's a group costume that I plan on coercing some friends into. I dream about all the hair and makeup products I'll need to create the aforementioned convincing costume. Yet each year, without fail, I end up going as my tried-and-true favorite: a skeleton. You might call it boring, but I call it timeless. Plus, I'm not bad at creating a DIY skeleton makeup look in a pinch. All I need is some dark contour powder and a waterproof eyeliner. Oh, and lots and lots of mascara, but I digress. 

I know I'm not the only one who does this. Many of my own family members and friends lament that Halloween is only days away, forcing us to forgo our elaborate costume plans in favor of something quicker and easier. That's where makeup comes in because even if you don't have the right clothes to create a unique and spellbinding costume, a little makeup will help you pull it off anyway. Keep scrolling to see the 10 best last-minute makeup products for Halloween, regardless of your costume.