Editors Have Spoken: These Are the Best Hair Products of 2018

When beauty editors say something is "the best," don't take it lightly. Considering the massive piles of product on our desks and storage bins buried underneath the beds in our apartments that have basically turned into a Sephora (tough life, we know), we've tried a lot of hair products. Some are meh and some are amazing. It's our job to meet with hair brands, celebrity stylists, and get treated to top-notch styling sessions to test out the latest and greatest hair products and treatments. Some pass our tests with flying colors, while others don't quite make the cut. In short, not all hair products are created equal.

With texture, color, and preferences in mind, Byrdie editors have done the unthinkable and chosen the best hair products of 2018. This was not easy. Although we're tough critics, we have a beloved arsenal of haircare that we cherish, so picking just a few for this ultimate list felt like a hard game. Some of these shampoos are as inexpensive as $4, which goes to show that price tags mean absolutely nothing these days. Ahead are the very best hair products of 2018, according to Team Byrdie.