10 Hair Ties That Won't Pull or Snag Your Hair

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For many, having a hair tie or two wherever you go is necessary. It’s the easiest and quickest way to pull your hair from your face. But, as convenient as they may be, some, unfortunately, don’t treat your hair well. Certain hair ties can actually damage your strands—by tugging, pulling, and sometimes even harming the cuticle altogether. When searching for the right hair tie, think about your hair type and your lifestyle. Your perfect match should effortlessly hold all your hair without over-stretching or causing breakage.

Ahead, explore the best hair ties on the market, and discover why they should be your next hair (and wrist) accessory.

Our Top Picks
With a strong elastic and gentle fabric, this hair tie is a great go-to for your everyday.
This affordable hair tie pack has no metal, so it won't pull or tangle hair.
Not only are these hair ties super chic, but they’re also super gentle on your hair because they're made of silk.
This spiral shape hair ring allows it to grip onto hair so hair doesn’t budge no matter how much you move, run, or jump.
Prevent damage and snagging with the classic scrunchie.
Burlybands understands the struggle of putting thick hair in an updo and created these stronger-than-ever hair bands.
Best for Natural Hair:
Bunzee Bands Headbands at Amazon
Control the tension with this adjustable hairband that's great for keeping natural hair up.
Best for Thin Hair:
Pony-O Pony-O at Ponyo.com
This pick keeps your hair in place and adds volume, making it a great choice for thin hair.
Tie up wet hair with this microfiber hair tie that soaks up all the wetness.
Wear your hair up without worrying about creases with these ribbon-style hair ties.

Best Overall: Scünci No-Damage Elastics

Scunci No Damage Hair Ties

Everything about this hair tie screams no-fuss. With a strong elastic and gentle fabric, this hair tie is a great go-to for your everyday. Byrdie Editorial Director Jessica Mahgerefteh loves these, and can always be spotted with one in her hair or on her wrist. They're comfortable (no tugging), budget-friendly, and the solid black color is an easy match for all outfits.

Best Value: eBoot 100-Pc Elastic Hair Ties

eBoot 100-Pc Elastic Hair Ties

With a hundred hair ties, you can rest easy knowing that if you lose one, you’ve got backup. And there’s no metal, so it won’t tangle or pull your hair. Reviewers like that while it’s stretchy—which is great for thick or curly hair—it still provides enough tension for a no-budget ponytail.

Not only are these hair ties super chic, but they’re also super gentle on your hair because they're made of silk. From the brand best-known for its luxe silk pillowcases, these hair ties are just as noteworthy. The soft material doesn’t leave any creases, and some reviewers even note that they’re comfortable to sleep in—so accidental naps are encouraged.

Best for Workouts: Invisibobble The Original Traceless Hair Ring

invisibobble Power Traceless Spiral Hair Ties

Exercising is already tough—and the last thing you want to do during a sweat sesh is redo your ponytail. Enter: the invisibobble. This oddly shaped hair tie delivers a strong hold and stays put, no matter the yoga pose. The best part? The spiral shape prevents creases from forming in your hair, so you can head straight to work or to date night.

Best Scrunchies: Goody Ouchless Jersey Scrunchies

Goody Ouchless Jersey Scrunchies

The scrunchie is back—and it’s just as good, if not better than before. Back in the 90s, this coveted hair tie was more of a fashion statement than anything, but these days we love it for its no-snag and no-damage benefits. It’s available in a pack of multicolor or standard black.

Best for Thick Hair: Burlybands Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Burlybands Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Breaking a hair tie or three is a rite of passage for those with thicker hair—but not anymore. With this extra thick and extra-long hair tie, you can comfortably keep all your hair in place. And while it’s seamless, it also keeps its elasticity, which means you can keep using it over and over with the same great results.

Best for Natural Hair: Bunzee Bands Headbands

BunzeeBands Adjustable Length Hairband

What’s great about this hairband is that it’s adjustable and allows you to control the tension. Because of this, you can get creative with your styles—whether that’s a ponytail, bun, or puff.

When fitting around your hair, try to keep the bead away from the scalp to prevent snagging.

Best for Thin Hair: Pony-O Pony-O


Traditional hair ties typically do one thing: keep your hair in one place. This one, however, does that and adds volume. It’s great at giving you a lift, and visually thickening the area for a more substantial ponytail. Plus, it’s super easy to use—simply slide your hair through, flatten, then bend each side down.

Best for Wet Hair: Kitsch Microfiber Towel Scrunchies

Kitsch Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Drying Scrunchies

Here’s one thing you didn’t know you needed until now: towel scrunchies. These microfiber hair ties soak up all the wetness from your hair and help speed up the drying process. You can completely forego sleeping with your hair wrapped in a towel—yes, some of us do this—by just wrapping up your hair into a high bun with this guy.

kitsch towel scrunchies

 Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

What Our Testers Say

"Unlike a hair elastic or even other scrunchies, this one sops up more water, and the large size keeps everything controlled." — Joline Buscemi, Product Tester

Best Knotted: Kitsch Paint Strokes 5pc Hair Tie Set

Kitsch Paint Strokes 5pc Hair Tie Set

Comfortable to wear in your hair and on your wrist, this ribbon-style hair tie keeps your hair in place without giving it the ponytail crease. Because it’s flat and soft, it lays seamlessly on your hair and doesn’t snag on your strands.

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