The Best Hair Subscription Boxes to Keep Your Hair Happy

Keep your strands looking sleek

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People think of their hair as an extension of their identity. It’s why when you have a good hair day, you feel like the best version of yourself, but on a bad one, it’s like literally nothing can go right. So, obviously, you want every day to be a good hair day. For that, we have the best hair subscription boxes.

These monthly services offer you some of the most high-quality hair products made specifically for your hair needs, either with custom formulas, a variety of tailored products, or everyday essentials that are exactly what your strands require to look and feel their best.

With these convenient hair subscriptions, there’s no more staring at endless aisles of shampoo bottles and trying to decipher what will work best for you. Instead, you’ll have everything you need—curated for you and your hair’s individual needs—all available in a monthly delivery that ensures you’re always stocked.

To help you find the best option for your ‘do, we picked the best hair subscription boxes—ranging from care to color to curls—to help ensure it's always on point. Keep reading to find the right one for you.

Best Hair Subscription Boxes of 2023

The Best Hair Subscription Boxes to Keep Your Hair Happy
The Best Hair Subscription Boxes to Keep Your Hair Happy

Best Overall : Prose



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One of the first on the scene for customized hair products, Prose gets the best in show award for the quality of its formulations and because it covers every part of your hair-care routine, from cleansing to treatments to styling.

It also has one of the most in-depth analyzing tools we’ve ever come across—you’ll answer the standard questions about your hair type, length, and density, but the brand also asks about your scalp health, styling preferences, and even where you live. From there, it tells you what your biggest concerns are based on your natural hair, your styling habits, and what’s typical for the environment in which you live.

The quiz even takes into account your diet and can be made without certain ingredients if you don’t want silicones, for example, or if you are vegan. It then suggests an entire regimen to give you the best results. The fragrance options are also impressive—they are more like designer perfumes than the generic "fresh" scents you might be used to in the majority of traditional hair brands.

Products range from about $25 for stylers and shampoo and conditioner to roughly $48 for the Hair Oil, but if you sign up for the monthly subscription the company will knock around 15 percent off your total. It truly is the most comprehensive option and takes the guesswork out of hair care by offering sophisticated formulations using clean, high-performance ingredients that provide real results.

Best for Care : Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty

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This custom service has fewer offerings than Prose, though that doesn't apply to the quality or value. Function of Beauty offers shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave-in treatment, and serum (plus just-launched body care products) in its lineup, but it produces those basic care products really, really well.

The ingredients are all sustainable, clean, and for the most part, natural. The quiz is less expansive than the one Prose offers, but it covers all the basics to ensure you get the right products for your hair. There’s also a bit more playfulness here—you can pick the color of your product and you also get some fun, limited-edition stickers with each order.

Prices range from about $20 to $50, and you get free shipping and member discounts when you subscribe. If you’re looking to keep it simple (and maintain your healthy hair), you can’t go wrong with Function of Beauty.

Best for Color : Madison Reed

Madison Reed

Madison Reed

At-home hair coloring isn't as preferred as getting it done at the salon, but it can be a lot more convenient. Services like Madison Reed are trying to make the traditionally unreliable box hair dye more refined and dummy-proof than what you find at the drugstore.

The company offers a huge range of color and color-focused care, from all-over dye and root touch-ups to highlights and toning glazes. Most notably, Madison Reed also connects you by phone, email, or chat with professional colorists to help ensure you get the exact color and effect you want.

Prices range from about $18 to $36 for the color products and around $20 to $25 for care and styling. If you subscribe to Madison Reed's membership program, you get roughly 15 percent off your purchase. This color service is just about the closest thing to the salon that you can get without leaving your bathroom.

Best for Curls & Textured Hair : CURLBOX

Curl Box

 Curl Box

For those with naturally textured hair and tight curls, options tend to be limited as most mainstream brands and companies don’t offer many (or sometimes none at all) options for those very specific hair needs.

Outside of specialized brands for textured hair, there aren’t nearly enough choices, and they can be difficult to find if you aren’t familiar with some of the smaller brands that aren’t usually available at most stores.

Enter CURLBOX, a discovery subscription box for curly hair types. Each month the company offers a new box featuring four or more product samples made for textured hair for about $25 a month. The company also offers non-subscription specialty boxes that range from around $15 to $45 and feature samples or full-sized products.

One downside? It’s a first-come, first-serve model and the products sell out fast. Subscription boxes require you to get on a waitlist in order to sign up when spots open and the non-subscription boxes can go out of stock quickly. However, if you can get on the list, it’s definitely worth the extra legwork—and the wait.

Best for Guys : Hims

A subscription hair box for men might seem unusual—how many men put enough effort into their hair to need a monthly supply of products? But when you check out Hims’ offerings, it makes sense.

The company focuses on one thing most men are concerned about: hair loss. Hims offers prescription and non-prescription options to deal with male pattern baldness, from hair growth treatments like Finasteride and Minoxidil (the generic forms of Propecia and Rogaine, respectively), plus shampoo, conditioner, and biotin gummies.

You can buy individually or as a kit from around $15 to $30 for the non-prescription products, but you’ll need to do a virtual doctor’s visit for the Finasteride and the prescription hair loss set, which costs about $44, plus the one-time fee for your consultation.

So, if you want to keep your hair looking thick, Hims is a great option for those that don’t dare to go bald.

What are hair subscription boxes?

Hair subscription boxes eliminate the need to run to your local drugstore to stock up on products. With these convenient hair subscriptions, you’ll receive a variety of custom formulas or tailored products to help you meet your hair goals.

Who should use a hair subscription box?

Hair subscription boxes are perfect for those looking to add personalized hair products into their routines or people who just want to discover new hair care gems.

How much do hair subscription boxes cost?

The cost of hair subscription boxes varies. Some companies, like Function of Beauty and Prose, offer a discount on their hair products when you subscribe. Others, like CURLBOX, price their subscription boxes at about $25 per month.

How often can I opt to receive a hair subscription box?

The frequency of your hair subscription box deliveries will vary depending on the company. Some hair subscription services allow you to schedule shipments as often as you’d like. With some hair subscription boxes like CURLBOX, you can expect to receive one new box per month.

Am I able to customize the products in my hair subscription box?

Certain hair subscription services like Prose and Function of Beauty allow you to fully customize your products. When you visit their websites, you’ll fill out a brief questionnaire about your hair that will allow them to formulate products based on your specific needs. When customizing your hair care regimen, you’ll be able to choose factors like the color or fragrance of your products.  

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Best Hair Subscription Boxes

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