Where Fashion Editors Get Their Hair Done: A Guide


Getty Images

Here at Byrdie, we're constantly discussing hair: styling it, coloring it, cutting it—the works. We have our all-time favorite spots, but given our job description (trying new places on a regular basis as research), we don't often get the consistency we crave. As such, I wondered what non-beauty editors had to say on the subject. Curated, chic, and opinionated, fashion editors have an unparalleled aesthetic and actually have to shell out the funds for every blowout, haircut, and highlight. That means their choices are trustworthy, to say the least. 

I rounded up fashion editors with the most covetable hair in both New York and L.A., and pressed them for information. Which hairstylists do they love? Who's the superhuman who paints on their effortless-looking color? When can I make an appointment? Keep reading for all their completely unbiased secrets to really great hair.

Comment below with your go-to hair salon, and then read about what happened when I asked for the same blowout at three different salons.