A Houston Beauty Blogger Shares Her Favorite Local Hair Salons

They say "everything is bigger in Texas"—food, land, personalities. Texan beauty isn't exempt from this mentality either, (you may have heard of an adjacent saying, "the higher the hair, the closer to God.") Big, tall, Almighty-scraping hair has long been the southern way (or at least when Dallas was still airing new episodes.) But while teased and curled hair may still permeate the southern state (no judgment), the Lonestar beauty scene has made leaps and bounds in recent years—into a more refined, modern mecca of trendy salons and spas you'll be fixin' to visit (excuse the borrowed slang).

We wanted to know more about Texas's chic hair spots, so we tapped blogger Flaunt and Center (better known as Tiffany Jais) for her top picks in her hometown, Houston. Below, learn about some of the top H-town destinations to update your coif.

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