Bye, Razors and Tweezers: These Hair-Removal Creams Make It All So Easy

We're not here to tell you what to do with your hair (or your body). That's up to you. Though, we are around to help with whatever it is you choose. We researched pubic-hair trends, offered product recommendations to soften the hair you choose to keep, a timeline for when to wax and why, tried laser hair removal, reviewed an epilator, and tested the best hair-removal creams. Why? Because information is power. If you're sick of waxing, razors, and tweezers, this is for you.

Below, find the most popular, time-tested products to painlessly remove any unwanted hair.

Completely Bare Ctrl+Hair+Del Facial Hair Removal Cream
Completely Bare Ctrl+Hair+Del Facial Hair Removal Cream $12

Infused with argan oil, aloe, vitamin E, and cocoa butter, Completely Bare's offering not only painlessly removes unwanted facial hair, but it also moisturizes and soothes in the process. The targeted pen applicator makes the entire thing an absolute breeze.

Nair Shower Power Sensitive Formula with Coconut Oil
Nair Shower Power Sensitive Formula With Coconut Oil $12

The old favorite when it comes to hair removal has gotten a shiny update. Nair's hair-removal cream now comes in a gentler formula—so no dyes, parabens, or irritants. The blend comes complete with coconut oil and vitamin E to leave your bod softer, more moisturized, and fuzz-free.

Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream Sensitive
Veet Legs & Body Gel Cream Hair Remover With Silk & Fresh $9

Another drugstore favorite, Veet's sensitive-skin formula helps nix any redness, rash, or unnecessary irritation from the hair-removal process. It's silky, it smells nice, and it's only nine bucks—score.

Gigi Hair Removal Cream
Gigi Hair Removal Cream for the Face $7

Gigi's Hair Removal Cream comes with a post-treatment calming balm—it's a mix of cucumber and aloe vera to moisturize and help your skin restore to its normal pH balance post–hair removal.

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