We Tried Countless Haircare Products in September, But These Really Worked

Updated 09/27/18

Ask us anything about hair, and we might talk your head off. We can chat about hair for a while. Team Byrdie is hair-obsessed, to say the least, and we're constantly recommending new hair gems to try and swapping products. It's just our thing. It's not a bad feeling coming back to a new package containing shiny new hair products to try at your desk every day. As you can imagine, we've been around the block a few times when it comes to testing the latest and greatest in new hair goods. 

Fall is the latest topic of discussion, and we've been discovering nourishing, hardworking formulas to keep all of our hair concerns at bay while the seasons change. We cast our votes and dished on the very best hair products we tried in September below. Read on for our starting lineup. 

The Best Hair Products Byrdie Editors Tried in September
Tavi Hair Áloe Verde Leave In Conditioner $14

"My hair texture veers on the straw end of the spectrum, so I try and take every precaution to douse it with moisture. Lately, I've been obsessed with Tavi's Aloe Verde Texturizing leave-in conditioner. It's made with aloe vera, green tea leaf, and horsetail extract to add shine and strengthen the hair, and I like that just spritzing it through my strands post-shower helps my hair feel softer (and look shinier). It's a no-brainer product for anyone who air-dries their hair."

Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo
Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo $56

"I know, I know, the price tag on this guy is kind of insane, but hear me out. I met with Philip B. himself a few weeks ago, and he washed, rinsed, and blow-dried my hair using the Russian Amber line. Believe me when I say that my hair not only looked like it had grown three inches, but it was also softer, glossier and shinier than I had seen it in ages. Philip calls this a treatment shampoo, meaning that it's full of active ingredients that actually nourish your hair instead of stripping it. I balked a bit when I saw that the first ingredient was a sulfate, but honestly, my hair has never looked better, and it's convincing me that sulfates in haircare might not actually be the devil if there are enough other good ingredients in the formula. The texture of it feels like honey when you scoop it out—slightly sticky and tacky—but quickly melts into your hair and works into a satisfying lather. It's made with not one, not two, but 11 amino acids to nourish even the driest of strands (which mine are). My roommate even commented that this shampoo has made a huge difference in her hair and that this is the best her hair has ever looked." 

Women's Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Masque
Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Masque $68

"My strands are dry at the ends, and I'm long overdue for a haircut, so until I can get to the hair salon, I've been trying every reparative hair mask on the market. This one from Shu Uemura blew me away because when I looked in the mirror after air-drying, my strands had magically air-dried into perfect, bendy waves on their own. I usually air-dry my hair 60% and then put it in a low braid, but that wasn't necessary after using this mask. Every time I use it, my hair looks perfectly wavy and feels soft as silk. It's a game changer." 

The Best Haircare Products in September
Volumizing Hair Spray 4.8 oz/ 137 g
Ouai Haircare Volumizing Hair Spray $26

"I have fine hair, so I love discovering a texturizing, root-lifting product that makes everything appear fuller without weighing down my strands or leaving them greasy and sticky. Ouai's new Volumizing Hairspray does just that by depositing lightweight volumizing polymers that not only hold my style but also fake the look of thicker hair. And like Ouai's other products, it's infused with a delicious scent, this time a blend called Melrose Place with notes of bergamot, lychee, cedarwood, and white musk."

The Best Hair Products Byrdie Editors Love
SLIM the elegant hair ring True Black
Invisibobble Slim the Elegant Hair Ring True Black $8

"I'm obsessed with Invisibobbles. In fact, aside from my silk scrunchies, they're pretty much the only thing I use to tie back my hair, and this new slim variation is absolutely perfect for my fine texture. My hair never slips out during my workouts, and the tail looks nice and perky if I wear it high. I'm never without one on my wrist."

Unite Hair 7 Seconds Conditioner $31

"I've used and praised Unite's 7 Seconds Leave-In for years (and written about it many a time here on Byrdie), and I finally finally got my hands on the collection's shampoo and conditioner. Boy, did they ever exceed my expectations, which were already set extremely high, by the way."

Unite Hair 7 Seconds Shampoo $69

"Rarely am I blown away by shampoo and conditioner. I mean, you wash them out, and most just feel kind of meh, you know? My styling and masking products are the true heroes of my hair routine. Anyway, this pair is like Superwoman and Wonder Woman combined. Post-shampoo and -condition, my strands are left shiny, voluminous, soft, non-tangly, and overall lustrous. I'm obsessed."

Color Wow Style on Steroids Texture and Finishing Spray $24

"I'll just say it. This texturizing spray is absolutely fabulous and in a league of its own from almost every other bottle I've dumped into my strands in hopes of achieving pristine, malleable, and voluminous texture. This one doesn't leave behind any disgusting textures (no stickiness or stiffness), and it perfectly sets any style. The best part? It offers heat protection, and you can actually use your styling tools on your strands post-application with zero worries of singeing off your delicate hairs or turning your style into a stiff and crunchy nightmare." 

Best Hair Products of September
Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair $24

"I finally found my fine-but-curly haircare holy grail. Color Wow's newest launch, a light-as-air mist named Dream Coat, delivers all those lovely benefits other gels, serums, and creams do but without weighing down your hair. Its water-like texture makes it so my curls are hydrated and bouncy as ever, super silky, glossy, and never crunchy. I just spray it in post-shower or to reset my curls in the morning and let it air-dry."

The 13 Hair Products We're Loving Right Now
Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pak $37

"This Davines hair mask saved me when I was literally afraid my hair might fall out from color damage. Once a week, I slather on the protein-packed formula, leave it on for a few hours, then rinse, and my strands feel healthy and restored."

Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo Packet
Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo Packet $3

"I came across these convenient individual packets of purple shampoo in a moment I was desperate to combat some impending brassiness but didn't want to buy a whole bottle because I was traveling. The product wasn't stinky and didn't stain my hair or dry it out—just toned it down the perfect amount all for a drugstore price." 

The Best Hair Products Team Byrdie Love
Large Slipsilk(TM) Scrunchies Black
Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies Black $39

"Don't turn your nose up on these rather expensive scrunchies just yet. They're seriously an investment you won't regret. The first thing I do when I get home is pull my hair back. I'm such a fan of a no-fuss, pulled-back pony when I'm trying to unwind. These stretchy, soft, and cute scrunchies feel super cozy and never break my hair off. It always makes me nervous when I pull a ponytail off and see that it has snapped off a bunch of my hair. I'm that person who sleeps on all silk (pillowcases and bedding included) every single night to retain moisture for my skin and hair. So wearing these silk scrunchies at night felt like a perfect trio to top off my all-silk-everything situation."

SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler
DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler $28

"For the first time ever, I got my natural hair professionally styled by the amazingly talented DevaCurl team, and let me tell you, it was all that I could ever wish for and more. For a long time, I only wore extensions and braids. A few years ago, I made a promise to myself to embrace my natural hair more, and it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've never seen my curls look more lustrous and defined after lathering this styling cream from the root to the tip of my hair. It's full of coconut extracts, which are super moisturizing, yet doesn't weigh my curls down. I love my ringlets post-application, and at one point, I'd never thought I'd feel that way about my curls, so this is progress!"

True Textures Twist and Coil Jelly
Mizani True Textures Twist and Coil Jelly $18

"Okay, so my issue with a lot of styling gels is that they usually leave my soft hair feeling all sticky and crunchy—not cute. This jelly texture literally bounces in the tub once you touch it, which is a telltale sign it'll produce the bounciest curls. At night, I scoop out a generous amount and massage it into each section of my hair before I begin my braid-out. I let it marinate overnight and take my braids out in the morning, which reveal the defined, shiny, weightless curls. I'm hooked."

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