The 11 Haircare Products You Should Snap Up This Month

Updated 12/17/18
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Ask us anything about hair, and we might talk your head off. We can chat about hair for a while. Team Byrdie is hair-obsessed, to say the least, and we're constantly recommending new hair gems to try and swapping products. It's just our thing. It's not a bad feeling coming back to a new package containing shiny new hair products to try at your desk every day. As you can imagine, we've been around the block a few times when it comes to testing the latest and greatest in new hair goods. 

Fall is the latest topic of discussion, and we've been discovering nourishing, hardworking formulas to keep all of our hair concerns at bay while the seasons change. We cast our votes and dished on the very best hair products we tried in November below. Read on for our starting lineup. 

Best Hair Products in November: Faith
Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Nutritive Mask With Temporary Coloring, Baby Blond $53

"I dyed my hair platinum a few weeks ago and have been slowly testing every purple-hued product under the sun. This conditioner was recommended by my colorist, and I couldn't believe how well it worked. Not only did it tone my hair instantly to a silvery hue, but unlike purple shampoos (which can be drying), this mask actually conditioned my hair and left it feeling hydrated."

IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Drops $29

"These drops saved my platinum strands during my trip home for Thanksgiving. I had forgotten my purple conditioner in New York and my hair was showing a few yellow-ish strands in the front I wanted to tone. You can use this product in a number of ways, but I decided to mix it in with my hair oil and use it on dry strands. At first, it seemed to just leave my hair with a grayish tinge. I was disappointed, but about 30 minutes later, I looked in the mirror and saw a noticeable difference. The grayish hue had turned bright and silvery, like I had used a purple toning shampoo or conditioner. I love that you can add drops of this to any product you own since a lot of purple products can be drying." 

Best Hair Products in November: Lindsey
Beekman Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse $30

"I recently visited the incredible upstate NY farmhouse of Brent and Josh, the founders of Beekman 1802 products, a line built on goat's milk, as well as their giant goat farm with HSN. I'm a sucker for a country atmosphere (and goats), so the products could've done nothing for me and I still would've been intrigued by the brand. (Plus, Josh and Brent have the craziest story: They both worked in media in Manhattan, bought said farmhouse, got laid off in the recession, learned how to make goat-milk soap to get by, had a reality show made about them, went on The Amazing Race and won, and built a huge beauty and lifestyle brand. Casual.)

"After testing out a number of their products, I can confirm that they're not only a fascinating couple with an insanely cool life but also that their brand is high-quality too. One of my favorites is the ACV rinse. It's got a super-potent smell (apple cider vinegar and goat's milk, you do the math), but it left my hair feeling super clean and soft afterward. It also has a nice lather to it, so I actually feel like I'm shampooing my hair rather than just running a rinse through it. My hair was also much less greasy the next day than it usually is, which I count as a huge win. I use it once a week to clarify my hair and rid it of the product buildup I put it through every day. It's amazing."

Best Hair Products in November: Erin
R+Co Glittering Smoothing Shine Spray $29

"Despite the flashy packaging and title, I'm in love with how subtle this new shine spray from R+Co is. It's packed with hair-transforming oils and ingredients like baobab, prickly bear, sea buckthorn, and bergamot—a miraculous, featherweight melding that leaves hair gleaming (but in a really natural, light-catching way) while amply hydrated. I've been spritzing it on my (and my friends') ends before going out, and it keeps our strands soft and glossy and just a touch shimmering. And even though the folks at R+Co might not approve, it also looks amazing if you spritz it on your décolletage." 

Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray $25

"To be honest, I'm a little bit mad I didn't discover this A+ texturizing spray before swapping hair routines with my roommate and fellow Byrdie editor, Amanda Montell, a few weeks ago. Out of the dozens I've tried, there are few texturizing sprays I love as someone who can't stand the feeling of product in her hair. (If there's crunch or stick, I'm out!) But this super-fine spray from Kristin Ess is different. It enhanced and held my waves all day without feeling like it was sucking the life and hydration out of my ends. I'm hooked but just trying to get over the fact Amanda didn't make me try it sooner." 

Best Hair Products in November: Hallie
Kristin Ess Soft Waves 1 1/4" Curling Iron $50

"I love this curling iron. It delivers soft, natural-looking bends when I want my hair to be a bit smoother than my natural texture. It's easy to wield (it's light) and has four heat settings to protect my fine hair from damage. Plus, it has an auto-shutoff feature so you're never left wondering if you left it on." 

Best Hair Products in November: Amanda
Tigi Catwalk Bodifying Spray $18

"I tried this under-the-radar Tigi volume spray when my roomie and fellow Byrdie editor, Erin, and I swapped hair routines for a story earlier this month. Long story short: I have never used a volumizer that left my hair so naturally full-bodied but not sticky, crunchy, or weighed down. Definitely need to snag a bottle of my own ASAP." 

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler $16

"I was sent this teeny-tiny, irresistibly pretty Tangle Teezer in a gift bag this month, and it has quickly become the hair product I didn't know I needed. I've brought it on two road trips so far, and in the meantime, it's earned a permanent spot in my boyfriend's bathroom. It's perfect because it offers all the detangling action of the original Tangle Teezer but is about half the size, so it's ideal for travel or leaving at someone's house without taking up too much space." 

Best Hair Products in November: Maya
Shhh Silk Black Lined Satin Shower Cap $36

Sometimes, it feels like dry is the default state of my natural, textured hair. This is why the majority of my hair ties, sleeping bonnets, and pillowcases have to be silk in order to restore moisture and softness in my strands. Call me bougie if you want, but my hair loves me for it. When I was introduced to this silk-lined shower cap, a first of its kind, it was a no-brainer that I'd love it. It's stretchy enough to fit every inch of my big, thick hair into it. Plus, the silk material on the lining keeps my strands smooth and pleasantly soft when I'm showering. It's so lightweight that I forget to take it off after I shower.

T3 SinglePass X 1.5'' Wide Iron $230

With hot tools, I've always had to tread carefully. Although my hair is textured, it's abnormally soft and can easily become weak and brittle from heat damage. Been there, done that, never want to go back. This flat iron is the happy medium because it straightens my naturally curly hair in one pass yet in the healthiest way. I'm impatient, so the fact that it heats up in five seconds flat brings me so much joy. Also, it's wide enough to grab huge chunks of hair at once and works just as well—a lazy beauty girl's dream.

Best Hair Products in November: Kaitlyn
Ouai Haircare Dry Texture Foam $28

"The mousse-like texture of this product is different than any texture spray I've ever used before. The fluffy foam adds the perfect amount of piecey separation to the ends of my fine hair (which often have a habit of looking limp and ragged). I use this before I style my hair into a ponytail or a braid (or anytime, really) to get that second-day-hair look that I love." 

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