Behold: The Best Haircare Products We Tried This Month

Updated 06/15/18

A fun fact about team Byrdie: We can talk hair for hours. The latest and greatest haircare products are swept onto our laps on the daily, and we are aware of this great privilege we have as beauty editors to give them all a trial run. We're either gushing about our latest hair faves out loud after beauty launch events or in between writing stories. Oh, and we're constantly giving each other hair product recommendations in the notorious #ByrdieChat, which is a fun, lighthearted chat our team talks in throughout the day. Sometimes, our hilarious convos make it to Byrdie's Instagram, so keep your eyes locked there if you want the beauty scoop. Every single day, a newbie joins the hair club and we love being the first to try them.

As you can imagine, our eyes have seen countless hair products throughout our beauty careers, so we aren't the easiest crowd to please. However, more often than not, we come across products we want the whole world to know about. Curious to see what made the cut this month? Below are the very best haircare products we tried in May. And get ready to tell a friend to tell a friend they need these in their arsenal ASAP.

Thickening Dryspun Finish Volume Spray 4 oz
Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Volume Spray $31

"I have super-fine hair, and while I usually wear it air-dried and curly, there a few times a month I'll want to blow it out. That's where this thickening spray comes in. It's dry, so it works a bit like dry shampoo in that it adds volume without wetting or weighing down your hair. Raw silk powders adhere to your hair to infuse airy texture and full, volumized strands. It lifts my often droopy roots and adds plumped up, messy texture goodness whenever I need a boost." — Hallie Gould, senior editor

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Taming Overnight Serum $69

"I've been a devotee of Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil for almost a decade, so naturally, when the brand launched a new iteration of my favorite formula, I had to jump on board. The difference is the overnight serum is a bit thicker and meant to repair damage rather than help style your hair (like the original oil). All I do is apply a few pumps to my dry ends before bedtime and wake up to hydrated, nourished, and happy ends." — Hallie Gould, senior editor

Dry Shampoo for Light Hair 4.5 oz/ 164 mL
Verb Dry Shampoo for Light Hair $16

"Okay, so although I have probably quoted three different dry shampoos as my 'favorite' in the last year alone, this one is really my favorite. I'm obsessed. I can't stop spraying it. And I'm already worried about what will happen when I inevitably run out. Not only does the formula blend seamlessly into my highlighted strands while simultaneously (and naturally) diffusing the look of my omnipresent roots, but it also truly lives up to the brand's claims regarding its cleansing abilities. Instead of just masking grease with an extra layer of product that eventually just turns into yet another coating of filth on my hair, it actually seems to clean my dirty strands. But here's the clincher: After washing my hair on Monday and spritzing this stuff on Tuesday, I didn't need to wash my hair again until Saturday. And as someone with fine, oil-prone hair, I can truthfully say that that never happens. I'm forever indebted to you, Verb." — Erin Jahns, assistant editor

No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray 6.3 oz/ 293 mL
IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray $29

"Aside from the fact I always love IGK's edgy packaging and cheeky product names, I'm also thankful to the brand for always delivering when it comes to its claims and results. For instance, this brand-new spray claims to speed up your air-dry time by 46%, and after my initial (and admittedly skeptical) first test-drive, I was surprised to find it did just that. (Which honestly couldn't come at a better time pre-summer when I try to lay off my styling tools—sun + heat = a nightmare for my highlighted strands.) I also just appreciate the fact that it literally doesn't feel like I have any kind of product in my hair post-application, and it seems to enhance shine and my hair's natural baby waves. I'm impressed." — Erin Jahns, assistant editor

Tresemme Compressed Smooth Hairspray $5

"Coachella was definitely an ideal venue to try out Tresemme's new Compressed Smooth Hairspray for the first time, and from the moment hairstylist Justine Marjan spritzed my freshly curled 'do, I was astonished by how much gloss and bounce my locks still had—and was a little skeptical that it would really last through several hours of dancing in the desert heat. Fast-forward to the next morning when I woke up with my makeup smeared all over my face—but those shiny waves were still totally intact. Plus, you can choose between a bunch of different finishes and holds according to your preferred style." — Victoria Hoff, managing editor, THE/THIRTY

Noto Botanics Agender Oil $39

"It's tough to find a hair oil that moisturizes my dry strands without leaving them greasy, but this formula is top-notch—I get that extra sheen while maintaining bounce and body. Plus, it smells phenomenal: an earthy, truly addictive blend of lavender and vetiver. It's so heady that I don't wear perfume when I'm using it." — Victoria Hoff, managing editor, THE/THIRTY

Cuvée Beauty Première Treatment $45

"This product is meant to be used after shampoo and before conditioner, which makes it a category all of its own. I tend to prefer products that simplify my beauty routine, not make it longer, but the treatment promised to make my hair shiny and strong and less prone to breakage, so I decided to give it a try (in reality, I thought it was a conditioner and didn't realize it wasn't until I was in the shower reading the instruction label). Well, it did as it promised. I couldn't believe how soft my hair felt after using this product. And it wasn't a slippery, silicone-coated kind of softness. It genuinely felt healthier and shinier, which I can credit grapeseed extract, ceramides, and keratin. I now reach for this product anytime my hair is feeling dry and dull. It's worth the extra step." — Faith Xue, editorial director

Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer $279

"I never blow-dry my hair, mostly out of extreme laziness and lack of upper-arm strength. But Harry promised me his new hair dryer was lighter and just as speedy as his original, so I reached for it the other night when I had a burst of zeal and decided to make an effort with my hair. Suffice to say, I don't think I will ever use another hair dryer. This baby dried my thick, hard-to-dry hair in five minutes flat. Yes, it was already air-dried a bit, so that helped, but still—I was blown away by how quickly this got the job done. Plus, I didn't have to take any breaks in between because my weak arms could actually hold it up! It's honestly made me consider using a hair dryer again, which is saying a lot." — Faith Xue, editorial director

ApotheCARE Essentials The Booster Dry Shampoo $12

"Finding a good drugstore dry shampoo is such a win, and this one is my new favorite. It smells floral but not overwhelming and really works to sop up grease and add volume without leaving a powdery, chalky residue. What more could you want?" — Amanda Montell, features editor

Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the Scalp
Sisley Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the Scalp $195

"Sisley's new line of hair products is simply divine, and I'm freshly obsessed with its scalp serum, a product rich in plant-based extracts and proteins for maximum scalp and hair health. Apply to scalp before shampooing, let it sit for 20 minutes or an hour if you can, and rinse, and I swear your head will never feel healthier." — Amanda Montell, features editor

Seed Phytonutrients Daily Hair Cleanser $24

"I first discovered this shampoo on a press trip upstate to the picturesque farm owned by the founders of this deeply sustainable brand. For starters, the products come packed in 100% recyclable paper (yes, even the shampoo, which is totally showerproof, by the way), the farmers who source the ingredients are paid 100% up front, regardless of yield, and when you're done using the bottle, you can pull the packaging apart to find a packet of seeds for you to plant (cool, right?). I'm usually a bit wary of natural shampoo, but this cleanser gives me incredible volume and shine and even allows me to go a day or two extra without washing—I suppose that's the power of a clean, toxin-free formula." — Lindsey Metrus, managing editor

R+CO Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist $28

"Dry shampoo mist sounds a bit counterintuitive—when I'm looking for a dry shampoo, I want something as dry as the Sahara desert to sop up the grease. However, this formula is micellar-based (meaning tiny little micelles eat away at impurities) and gives your scalp a deep cleanse with just a few spritzes. After applying, let it sit unbothered for about 30 seconds before massaging it in, and after it dries, you'll have noticeably less greasy and more voluminous and texturized hair. It's as if a salt spray and a dry shampoo had a baby." — Lindsey Metrus, managing editor

Bodifying + Fiber Full Body Renew Dry Shampoo
OGX Bodifying + Fiber Full Body Renew Dry Shampoo $9

"I have super-fine hair, which means I live for the volumizing effect of dry shampoo. My collection is vast and varied, but this OGX pick stood out to me the second I tried it. Thanks to Bamboo fibers and plant collagen, it boosts my hair's volume like no other formula I've tried (even if I'm using it on third- or fourth-day hair). Plus it maintains bounce and movement, so I don't walk around with stiff or unhealthy-looking hair. I'm kind of obsessed. I may or may not have three bottles of it sitting on my bathroom counter." — Kaitlyn McLintock, news writer

Huile Apaisante Soothing Treatment for Sensitive Scalp/0.67 oz.
Leonor Greyl Huile Apaisante Soothing Treatment for Sensitive Scalp $48

"Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of most anything Leonor Greyl (the brand's Serum de Soie Sublimateur Styling Cream $46 is a holy-grail hair product for me). This new scalp oil, though, is on another level. It's formulated with antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory oils that reduce redness and irritation, treat dry skin and dandruff, normalize sebum production, and purify the scalp. I apply it to my scalp a few hours before I shampoo, using the convenient little rollerball applicator, and my scalp feels all the better for it. You know what they say: A healthy scalp means healthy hair." — Kaitlyn McLintock, news writer

The Mane Choice Hair Growth Oil $12

"I'm admittedly addicted to the shine a good oil gives my hair. But I love an active oil that can do miraculous things like make my hair grow. This nourishing scalp oil is infused with several vitamins to penetrate the scalp and make your hair sprout like crazy. It's the brand's best seller because it actually works to speed up slow hair follicles. I've been wearing extensions the last few months, and after washing my hair, it feels so soothing to massage this oil onto my scalp. The new growth I'm seeing at my roots is impressive, which tells me that my natural locks will be much longer when I take out my extensions. I can't really ask for much else." — Maya Allen, assistant editor

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Rinse $35

"I can go through bottle after bottle of conditioners and see minimal results. My naturally thick and textured hair calls for a little extra in the conditioning category. I was intrigued after seeing that this Aussie brand made this especially for those with thick and coarse hair. After cleansing with the shampoo, I'll let this rinse sit on my strands for about a half hour. This way, my hair thoroughly drinks up all the cocoa seed butter and keratin protein infused in this conditioner. I'm in love with how silky and smooth this makes my texture, and the shine is such a nice added touch. I've even gotten my sister hooked on this stuff. So this is a family favorite now." — Maya Allen, assistant editor

You have our word: Your hair will not be disappointed by any of the above.

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