The Best Hair Products We Tried This Month, Hands Down

Updated 06/26/18

If you're admittedly obsessed with your hair, you've stumbled upon the right place. As beauty editors, it's our downright obligation to share with you the latest and greatest in haircare products. Like the rest of the world, we're on a mission to achieve the healthiest hair possible. Our eyes are always peeled for products that will deliver on what they say they're going to do (especially on the days we really need it). To avoid bad hair days at all costs, we test and talk about hair pretty much all the time. 

With summer officially here, we have to take the power back from heat and humidity and let our hair flourish in it. Even if you're not into hashtags, who doesn't want to be #HairGoals? Ahead are the best hair products we tried in June that have our hair looking and feeling like goals. 

Curl Treatment 8.4 oz/ 250 mL
Sachajuan Curl Treatment $36

"I'm always a little wary of curl-specific products since my 2b waves are very finicky (I am always subject to tighter curls underneath, with a layer of undefined, frizz-prone S-waves on top). But I had high hopes for Sachajuan's new curl range since I'm such a fan of the brand's other offerings (and sleek packaging to boot). Sure enough, I'm hooked: The rinse-out curl treatment, in particular, leaves my waves super silky and soft, and it actually makes my hair look somewhat uniform for a change!" — Victoria Hoff, managing editor, The/Thirty

Hydration Shampoo 9.3 oz/ 275 mL
Rahua Hydration Shampoo $34

"I've been a fan of Rahua's OG shampoo and conditioner, so I was excited to try its new millennial-pink hydrating version since my strands veer on the parched side of the spectrum. First of all, this shampoo smells like a tropical drink in the best possible way—it makes me actually look forward to washing my hair, which is saying something. Second of all, instead of sulfates, the shampoo is made with ingredients like mango and passion fruit extract (seriously, they're the first two ingredients on the ingredient list) and a coconut oil–derived surfactant that still gives you a satisfying lather. I love how smooth and silky my hair feels after using this product and its conditioner counterpart." — Faith Xue, editorial director

Hair by Sam McKnight Easy Up-Do Texture Spray $36

"I'm a sucker for texture sprays—I never tire of them. I discovered this chicly packaged pick at Violet Grey earlier this month and was instantly obsessed. It was formulated specifically for updos but gives beachy waves tons of messy texture as well. Plus, the scent is addictive: lily, pepper, and juniper." — Amanda Montell, features editor

Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap Palm Leaves $28

"Fact: I don't step into the shower without a shower cap on. My naturally textured hair needs some sort of protection from all the steam—or else. I've been depending on shower caps to keep my hair intact for as long as I can remember. For some reason, I've always resorted to the cheaper, flimsier options out there. So when this sturdy, chic cap came across my desk, you know I was hype to give it a try. It has an elastic band, so it's stretchy and can work with any hairstyle I might have. Plus, I feel pretty while showering with it on, and my inner girly self is so psyched about that." — Maya Allen, assistant editor

Ritual Hair Oil 1.35 oz/ 40 mL
Playa Ritual Hair Oil $38

"I'm always looking for a few very specific things when it comes to hair products. First, will it weight my hair down? I have super-fine strands, and I'm constantly plagued by really great, nourishing products that also make my hair fall flat. Then, will it keep my curly hair properly moisturized? Yes, I know, this is kind of a catch-22 when it comes to formulation. How can something be both light and hydrating? Well, Playa figured it out, folks. The practically weightless natural blend of coconut, apricot, and sunflower restores moisture to my dry curls without sacrificing any of the lift. It deeply penetrates, strengthens damaged strands, and offers a summery scent with notes of coconut, sandalwood, and orange blossom." — Hallie Gould, senior editor

Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam
R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam $30

"Volume is pretty much my number one goal when it comes to hair products. And over the years, there have only been a few products which have talked the talk and walked the walk. Most recently, I've been impressed with this cheeky Wild West–inspired thickening foam from R+Co. As it's one of my all-time favorite hair brands, I'm not really surprised, but when you've experimented with countless volumizing elixirs only to be left with lank, lackluster strands, you understandably start to sweat skepticism. There's no sticky or crunchy aftermath, only smooth, bodaciously fluffy strands left in an ample application's wake. Plus, the results actually last all day versus, oh, 20 minutes." — Erin Jahns, assistant editor

Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray 4.7 oz/ 140 mL
Ouai Haircare Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray $24

"I was lucky enough to try this spray soon after it launched, and I've been using it on and off ever since. I live in Los Angeles, which means I'm in the sun a lot. I bring this with me pretty much everywhere, but especially when I'm headed to the beach or the pool. First, I dampen my hair, twist it, then spray this lightening formula throughout. Over the course of a month, it has accentuated my natural highlights and even lightened my dark roots by a shade or two. I'm curious to see how light my hair will become with continued use (stay tuned)." — Kaitlyn McLintock, news writer

Large Slipsilk(TM) Scrunchies
Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies $39

"Because of my aforementioned thin, dry curls, my hair is super prone to breakage. I've already outfitted my entire bed with Slip's silk products (the eye mask and pillowcase, to start) and now moved on to its new silk scrunchies. The high-grade silk allows your hair to slip easily in and out of the scrunchie, never causing ridges, pulling, breaking, or snapping. It's a blessing, to say the least." — Hallie

Eau Des Sens Hair Mist/1 oz.
Diptyque Eau des Sens Hair Mist $48

"Diptyque's new hair scent not only makes me smell ever so subtly like a romantic European summer night (that's thanks to its combination of citrusy, nautical, woodsy notes), but it's also made with camellia seed oil and less alcohol, so your hair stays nourished. If you're into hair scents (and even if you're not), you need this." — Amanda

Hicks Edges Pomade $15

"Out of all the edge pomades and gels I try, none stand a chance against Hicks. My friends and I call this edge control pure magic—that's how much we love it. It seriously lays down my baby hairs so beautifully. It's smooth without feeling sticky. It truly controls any area of my hair that needs a little extra help. I dab a bit of this on my hair and use a boar-bristle brush to smooth it down."— Maya

Hair Serum
David Mallett Hair Serum $80

"This hair serum is everything I've ever wished for in a daily styling product. It smoothes, detangles, softens, and even imparts a hint of shine. Plus, it's not too heavy for my fine hair and leaves almost zero residue behind. I'm obsessed. I comb it through my ends almost every day before heading out the door to make my hair feel more manageable (without the use of damaging hot tools!). The result is basically my hair but better." — Kaitlyn

Platinum Detox and Deflect Daily Shampoo
Kenra Professional Platinum Detox and Deflect Daily Shampoo $18

"With my super-blonde hair, I've learned to be wary of overdoing it on purple shampoo (I'm personally allergic to ashy) and have actually found clarifying and prevention-based formulas to be in my hair's better interest. And this brand-new cleansing and conditioning duo from Kenra truly blows away the competition. Infused with activated charcoal and—get this—diamond dust, the launch's mission is to protect against daily aggressors like pollutants (hello, L.A. smog) and draw out the inevitable impurities and damage that will eventually occur. Both bottles have kept my color bright and sparkly, and the texture feels clean, voluminous, and bouncy. (Now I'm just waiting for the offer of a hair commercial—kidding. Kind of.)" — Erin

Tropic Isle Living Red Pimento Shampoo $14

"I can't even begin to describe how heavenly my scalp felt when I lathered on this pimento-infused shampoo. Pimento is known to stimulate hair growth and feels soothing to the scalp. I've been loving how revitalized my hair feels and looks after spoiling it with this stuff. If you're dealing with breakage from overusing hot tools (raises hand), I highly recommend you incorporate some of this brand's pimento-based products."

Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair Serum
Ranavat Botanics Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair Serum $55

"Recently, I took a deskside with the lovely founder of all-natural line Ranavat Botanics, Michelle Ranavat. I've been a fan of her gorgeously packaged products for a while but had yet to give this mighty hair serum a try. During my meeting, I pumped a tiny bit out onto my hands and was immediately entranced by its heavenly smell. It smells like fresh jasmine in a garden. I slathered a bit onto the ends of my hair, which left a weightless shine. It's made of botanical ingredients, so it's just as safe to use on your body. How cool. I'm equally obsessed with body oils, so this double-duty formulation is a winner in my book."

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