We Tried a Lot of Haircare Products This Month, But These Stood Out the Most

July is peak summer, and our strands are feeling it. Don’t get me wrong—those who’ve bravely endured the brisk winter and endless rain of New York winters have been speaking the sun into existence for a while. And now that it’s finally here, it’s time to rejoice. The new task at hand is to keep our hair thriving in the thick of the heat. Products we rely on in the summer deserve a standing ovation because they’re competing with a season that has no mercy on hair. As the seasons change, so does our haircare routines. We revamp our regimen with new-and-improved formulas that are lightweight, humidity-proof, sweat-resistant, moisturizing, and more.

Some of the best haircare products Byrdie editors have tried in July are oldies but goodies, while others are new kids on the block. We’ve tested countless formulas and attended event after event to check out the latest in the hair space. The verdicts are in: Below are the best haircare products we’ve tried this month.