The Products I Use That Trick People Into Thinking I Have Good Hair



I never considered myself to be someone with particularly good hair. In elementary school, I consistently styled it into this odd half-ponytail pulled back in a barrette so tight, I'm sure it contributed to me being an irritable youth. Then, when messy buns first surfaced in middle school, you better believe I piled my hair into a rats nest every single day like all the other cool sporty girls were doing. (In hindsight, theirs were much more visually appealing.) In college, I began cutting my own bangs (into a thick chunk that hung down the side of my face, might I add). Then once I became a young professional, as if a sign of maturation, I properly learned how to wield a curling iron, let my bangs grow out, and finally had hair that complemented my features and didn't make me cringe in pictures. With that, I also found products that give my hair shine, strength, hold, and texture. I still feel like a fraud when I get complimented on my hair after all those years of head-scratchingly bad styling moments, but I thought I'd share my knowledge of winning products and practices (and people!) that gave me the mane I'm proud of today. My tips, below.

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Opening Image: Mango