13 Secretly Amazing Hair Products We Discovered Through Fellow Editors

As much as we love getting product recommendations from celebrity hairstylists and our friends, there are few hair aficionados we trust to come through with the best-kept secrets more than a fellow beauty editor. After all, it's our job as beauty reporters to keep up-to-date on the hair care market—to sniff out firsthand which products (both new and legacy) are worth suggesting that our dear readers (and each other) spend our hard-earned time and cash on.

The following 13 products are those that have made the cut—hair oils, masks, shampoos, texture sprays, and more that, over the years, we Byrdie editors have genuinely recommended to each other, tried, and loved. If you're in the market for haircare, this list is for you. Read on to discover the best hair products we have tried thanks to fellow editors.