6 Hair Products Byrdie Editors Say Will Be Bestsellers in 2019

Each new year rolls around and with it comes a slew of new hair products. The last few years have gone from messy beach waves and long layers to blunt, shiny bobs and back again. While 2019 feels more "do you" than anything else—a time when trends don't have as much control over our lives and we can choose to look however we please—there are still formulas we believe will start to sell out immediately. Some even already have. So, whether you have curly, thick, thin, straight, over-processed, or entirely virgin hair, there's definitely a new product you're going to love. 

With that in mind, I tapped the rest of the editors at Byrdie HQ for their predictions on what the bestsellers of the year will be. Each one tapped into a different trend they've seen out in the streets or in the marketplace. Below, find our thoughts for the products worth looking into this year, from anti-yellowing shampoos to pearl-encrusted hair clips. But, do it fast, we can't guarantee how long it'll be before they sell out. Keep scrolling for what we believe will be the most popular products of 2019.