Byrdie Readers' Choice Awards: The Top Hair Products, According to You

Byrdie's editorial team takes very seriously the fact that you, our savvy readers, come to us to learn about the best beauty launches, reviews, look inspiration, news, and celebrity interviews and shoots. But this relationship isn't a one-way treet—just as much as you value our opinions, we value yours. We know that Byrdie readers are wildly discerning, keeping themselves hyper in-the-know about the best beauty ingredients and formulas on the market (which is why we ask you so often for your product recommendations, like your favorite all-natural foundations and DIY acne remedies).

So it only makes sense that this year, instead of hosting our traditional Byrdie Beauty Awards, we decided to pass the baton to you and do a Readers' Choice edition. You already chose your favorite skincare and makeup products of 2018 (amazing picks, by the way), leaving just one category left: hair. We sent out a survey asking you to name your absolute fave in hair maks, dry shampoos, blow-dryers, and more. Curious to see the winners? Read on to find the Byrdie Readers' Choice hair products of 2018.