Hair Perfume: The Indie Product That’s Going Mainstream

In 2013, we wrote a story about an under-the-radar, whispered-about trend in the hair world. Now, a year and a half later, that indie trend has become a mainstream phenomenon, with mega beauty brands like Dior and Chanel coming out with their own versions. The trend in question? Hair perfume. Also referred to as a hair mist or hair fragrance, the idea might seem at first to be incredibly frivolous and unnecessary. After all, can’t you just…spray regular perfume in your hair? Well, not exactly. The alcohol in typical fragrances can be extremely drying on your strands—plus, most hair fragrances are formulated in a special way so the scent softly diffuses, instead of evaporating into your hair. Some even have smoothing, shine-diffusing, and volumizing capabilities. So go ahead, toss your hair—and don’t feel guilty about the new addition to your fragrance wardrobe (and haircare collection).

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