We're Calling It: Hair Perfume Is Back and Better Than Ever



If our bathroom vanities are any indication, we're obsessed with fragrance. We treat our beloved eau de parfums like collector's items, displaying them as if they were design pieces rather than perfume bottles. We would never stray from our favorite scents, but lately we've been craving a lighter, fresher update. We want a low-maintenance fragrance to take us through the summer months—something that suits the beach just as well as it suits dinner and drinks.

To us, that's hair perfume. What's not to love about spritzing a scent throughout your strands, just so it subtly permeates the air after a rifling of the breeze or an absentminded toss of the hair? And unlike traditional perfumes, they marry scent with styling; many formulas smooth, hydrate, add shine, and control frizz (bye, humidity). Basically, they're the ultimate two-in-one. To help you choose the right scent and formula for you, we decided to put together a list of the seven best hair perfumes; keep reading to see what they are.