9 Lightweight Oils That Will Transform Your Hair

Updated 01/27/18

When it comes to the transformative effects of hair oils, the key is to find the right elixir for you. Fine hair? Frizzy hair? You’ll need different blends. Coarse, unruly locks? There’s a whole host of oils for you. There’s even a lightweight potion that’ll work wonders on oily hair prone to falling flat—we speak the truth.

So forget everything you thought you knew about hair oils, because we’re about to give you the lowdown on the new way to approach these strand saviours, and how to find the right kind for you.

Scroll down to discover the hair oil you need to add to your beauty routine ASAP.


Oils are full of essential fatty acids (EFAs) which replenish lost moisture and aid in repair, so they’re ideal for reviving dry or damaged locks. Look for richer oils such as nutty argan, hailed as liquid gold in its native Morocco, or macadamia. Though nut oils have a reputation for being heavy, that's simply no longer the case thanks to innovative new forumlas like Kiehl’s Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil Concentrate (£19), and Morrocanoil Treatment Light (£4). If do you find your tresses are being weighed down by a hair oil though, you can still reap the benefits by using it as a weekly hair mask between your shampoo and conditioner instead.

Argan Oil

Kiehl’s Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil Concentrate $19

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment $13

A curly mane is often the first to arrive at frizz-ville, so look for creamier oils, like coconut or sweet almond, that will replenish lost moisture (the main cause of frizz) and boost shine, while also helping to define your natural curl. Smooth it through the lengths of your hair while wet and let it air dry, or use on dry hair to tame those pesky fly-aways.

Coconut Oil

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine $26

Sweet Almond Oil

Ouai Haircare Hair Oil $24

Lighter oils that have a thin, liquidy consistency are best for helping to boost the shine and health of fine hair that can often fall flat or look limp. Look for fruit oils like avocado and abyssinian (aka organic crambe seed oil), which all come packed with EFAs but remain super lightweight. Apply it sparingly, focusing on the ends and mid-lengths.

Avocado Oil

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil $16

Abyssinian Oil

L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil $33

Your strands becomes more porous as a result of hair dyes and chemical treatments, meaning that you'll lose moisture more quickly. Natural oils that are rich in lipids can help to stem the problem by reloading the hair shaft with EFAs, lubricants and proteins. Look for lightweight fruity oils like baobab or marula, which are packed with vitamins to restore shine.

Baobab Oil

PhytoSpecific Baobab Oil Bottle $23

Marula Oil

Ojon Rare Blend Oil $30

It may sound counterproductive to bring oil to oily hair, but treatment blends containing natural antibacterials such as tea tree, will help to cleanse the scalp, and also rebalance the amount of sebum and natural oils produced in the hair follicle. The result? Healthier, glossy hair that doesn't get so greasy quite so quickly.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree HAir & Scalp Treatment $31

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