The 13 Best Hair-Growth Products on Amazon

Hair thinning and loss are more common among men, but tens of millions of women in the U.S. experience it too. Changes in your hair fullness can result from a number of factors, including hormonal changes (like from pregnancy or menopause), protein deficiency, thyroid disease, low vitamin levels, alopecia areata, certain medications, damaging hair treatments, even stress. So it probably comes as no surprise that the American hair-growth market is pretty huge, mostly thanks to mass manufacturers' ability to package hair-growth ingredients and sell them on accessible retailers—like Amazon.

There are scores of hair-growth products on Amazon, from supplements to shampoos and conditioners to devices (you'll see what we mean in a second). We combed Amazon to discover the highest-rated, best hair-growth products the e-retailer has to offer. Want to make your hair grow? Keep scrolling to read about the 13 we found.