The Only Hair Elastic I Will Ever Use, From Now Until Eternity


Girlfriend Collective

I have the kind of thick, wiry hair that most definitely holds a curl, almost to a fault—any kind of impression made in my strands, intentional or not, is definitely going to stay there until the next time I wash it. It's a plus on the odd mornings when I wake up with just the right amount of rumpled bedhead—not so much when I'm about to work out but don't want to suffer a days-long ponytail dent, especially since I only wash my hair once a week and try to avoid heat-styling at all costs. ("There's got to be a better way!" she said in her best infomercial voice.)

So when an array of odd-looking coils that touted themselves as "traceless hair rings" landed on my desk last year, I was immediately intrigued. Fast-forward to now, and they're all I use—I have a pile in my desk drawer, another in my purse, and extras upon extras in my gym bag, which is where they really shine.