I’ve Loved Hair Barrettes All My Life—Here Are My 30 Favorites

Hair clips for every fashion sense.

hair barettes


When I was around six years old, I wore about 15give or take—hair clips in my hair at any given time. Known in my family as “clippies,” I remember filling with excitement when I heard the accessory snap into place on my hair. But most of all, I simply loved how they added an extra bit of pizazz to my outfit. They were a great way to add an element of fun to my otherwise boring school uniform. I thought of barrettes as an eye-catching piece of jewelry that looked great on all hair types and styles. To put it simply, as a kid, I believed hair barrettes improved an outfit and still do today. 

Now, as an adult, I have a mug on my dresser filled with my barrettes in a plethora of colors and prints—ranging from tortoiseshell to brass. Ahead, I’ve rounded up 30 must-have barrettes and categorized them by style so you, too, can adorn your hair in clippies.

Checkered Barrettes

If I could have an entire wardrobe of checker print, I would. It’s such a bold, playful pattern for accessories like barrettes and clothing. 

The Olive
Timeless Pearly The Olive $122.00

Timeless Pearly is one of my favorite jewelry brands, and their sturdy hair clips are no exception. This pearl checkered barrette has a double bar and ball clasp, meaning it’s meant to secure less hair at once (and works really well in curly hair). I’d wear two on either side of my head or one with a side part. 

Sushi Clip
MLE Sushi Clip $22.00

I love the idea of wearing this large French-style barrette instead of a boring ponytail holder to secure a bunch of hair at once.

High Gloss Checkerboard Clip
Sea + Pattern High Gloss Checkerboard Clip $30.00

This handmade polymer clay alligator clip is so easy to slide into your hair and so cool. The barrette’s dual-color palette immediately captures your attention.

Cubular Clip
Banana Papaya Cubular Clip $34.00

Banana Papaya is one of my longtime favorite accessory brands. This hand-poured resin clip is available in three vibrant patterns to fit every style aesthetic. Much like the last one, they’d be fun to wear mixed together to make your outfit feel alive.

Cecile Clips
Chunks Cecile Clips $10.00

If you haven’t heard of the brand Chunks, you’re missing out. These acetate clips boast a double bar and ball clasp, making it easy for them to grip your hair and keep it in place. If you’re in need of some styling inspo, they also have a demo on their IGTV channel.

No. 3 Heirloom Clip
Machete No. 3 Heirloom Clip $35.00

This barrette is handmade in France. It doesn’t get much chicer than that, right? Machete makes my favorite necklace, and it has withstood the test of time, so I would like to get myself one of their barrettes to wear for life, too.

Graphic Barrettes

Now that I’ve established my love of pattern, we’re taking it a step further with these modern barrettes in graphic patterns and cool shapes. Let these statement hair clips be the focal point of your look by pairing them with a minimal outfit.

Teresa Clips
Valet Studios Teresa Clips $53.00

Valet Studio’s acrylic resin alligator-print clips come in a pair of two so you can have double the fun. The brand designs tons of other beautiful hair accessories, so it’s worth browsing through their site.

Carrie Barrette
Girl With Pearls Carrie Barrette $19.00

This geometric barrette from Girls with Pearls is unique because it’s handmade from 100 percent eco-friendly natural resin. It’s in a classic french barrette style, so it will hold your hair back securely.

Humans Before Handles Koi II
Humans Before Handles Koi II $17.00

This Black-owned and female-owned brand is one of my favorites because of its well-priced, beautifully-designed jewelry. However, they also make trendy barrettes like the Koi II. Available in three colors, this clip is made with acrylic and gold-plated brass. So it’s sturdy and a statement—my favorite combination.

Caution Barrettes
Chunks Caution Barrettes $8.00

Another from Chunks (I told you I was a fan). These acetate double bar and ball barrettes are a bold statement, mimicking the vibrancy of a caution sign. I love the idea of wearing three of these clips on one side.

Beige Brown Striped Hair Clip
CinaRoseJewelry Beige Brown Striped Hair Clip $18.00

This one-of-a-kind vintage find reminds me of a Nestle Tollhouse cookie, and I want to buy it ASAP. You can find similar barrettes on Etsy by searching “vintage striped barrette” or “vintage geometric barrette.” Enjoy.

Acrylic Geometric De Stijl Hair Clip
GetMadeinLA Acrylic Geometric De Stijl Hair Clip $8.00

True to their brand’s name, this alligator hair clip is handmade in Los Angeles. And ringing in at $8, it’s a super affordable barrette to add to your collection.

Striped Hair Slide
Off-White Striped Hair Slide $135.00

This classic French barrette comes in the signature Off-White stripe pattern. It’s made of acetate with a high-gloss finish, and while it isn’t cheap, it’s the kind of accessory that you’d probably wear daily to both enhance a good hair day or fix a bad one.

Symbol Barrettes

I have a tendency to wear accessories with unique adornments. I wear shoes with cultural symbols on them, necklaces with dolphins, and am intrigued by a hoop earring with a pea in the pod dangling from it. I also love barrettes with unconventional designs and symbols. Scroll through a few below.

Red Crystal Cobweb Heart Hairpin
Ashley Williams Red Crystal Cobweb Heart Hairpin $74.00

Yes, you’re right. These are bobby pins and not technically barrettes. But, I had to add them to the list. Ashley Williams is known for her statement bobby pins, and this cobweb one is one of my favorites.

Elisabetta Belt-Clip
BCPR Collections Elisabetta Belt-Clip $51.00

I’m a big fan of this wacky vintage hair clip (I own one in orange), and not just because it’s the French spelling of my name. It’s a double bar and ball, so it’s best to use it to hold back a few strands. It stays secure best in curly hair, I’ve found. BPCR releases new colorways of these every so often (since they’re vintage and each one-of-a-kind). So grab it while you can.

Olivia Bow Barrette
Jennifer Behr Olivia Bow Barrette $128.00

I am in love with this oversized bow from hair accessories master Jennifer Behr. It is satin with a ruffled edge and handmade in Brooklyn at a studio that I’ve had the pleasure to visit. With a French barrette closure, it is easy to wear in a multitude of ways, but I fancy it high on the back of my head. It feels very Bridgerton, right?

Beaded Butterfly Hairpins
Abacaxi Beaded Butterfly Hairpins $60.00

These beautiful sparkly butterflies for your hair are made from embroidered silk and accented with hand-beading and metal barrettes. Just like everything from South Asian-American designer Sheena Sood, these pins are so unique and beautifully made.

Olive Pick Barrette
Susan Alexandra Olive Pick Barrette $55.00

When Susan first posted this cocktail topper on her Instagram, my heart fluttered. As a lover of all things olives (as tapenade, in an extra dirty martini, and on top of a club sandwich), this hand-beaded barrette speaks to me. All that’s left to do is whip up a drink and say cheers.

Splash Hair Clips
Serendipitous Project Splash Hair Clips $40.00

This barrette reminds me of summer. Serendipitous Project—a Black-owned and female-owned brand—makes some of my favorite playful accessories, and this specific one is in frequent rotation. Available in a set of two, wear these French barrettes together on one side of your hair or on either side of a middle part.

Wood Barrette
FabFinds42 Wood Barrette $12.00

This adorable vintage striped bow would look darling on one side with the rest of your hair swooped back. It’s one of those outside-of-the-box accessories you won’t find many people wearing. 

Pearl and Beaded Barrettes

A couple of years ago, it felt like everyone, and their mother was wearing pearl clips in their hair. While the trend has simmered down, I still love adding a dainty pearl or colorful bead in my hair. These elegant barrettes are versatile additions to your accessories wardrobe.

Pearl Party Barrette
Neophyte Pearl Party Barrette $10.00

I love Neophytes pearly barrettes so much that I have a few in my collection. Wearing two or three together adds a nice touch of color and femininity to your hair. Therefore, feel free to lean into sweats and an oversized tee. I love a good contrast.

Waikiki Barrette
SVNR Waikiki Barrette $175.00

This handmade barrette is made of pearls, quartz, and sea glass with a French closure. In case you’re not familiar with the brand SVNR, their one-of-a-kind accessories are made from upcycled and natural materials. This particular one is so mesmerizing.

x Browns 50 Large Floral Bead Embellished Hair Clip
Simone Rocha x Browns 50 Large Floral Bead Embellished Hair Clip $110.00

I’m sure you’ve seen Simone Rocha’s pearl or beaded hair clips. I sure have, and I’ve wanted one for quite some time. This red one is technically a hair slide, but I hope you’ll let me slide (get it?) on the technicalities. I’d wear two of these on either side of a middle part.

Sparkly Barrettes

I used to treasure the rhinestone bobby pins from Sephora that I put in my hair during elementary school. I’m proud to say that little sparkly things in my hair still make me feel special and give me a mood boost. Below, some fun options for you to consider if you too are enamored by shiny things.

Triangle Crystal & Resin Rose Hair Clip
Joomi Lim Triangle Crystal & Resin Rose Hair Clip $98.00

Joomi Lim makes the best sparkly hair jewels. I encourage you to browse through their entire inventory, but I personally love this unusually-shaped crystal clip that has a playful little blue flower. It is perhaps my favorite recent accessories find. 

Martha Clips
Valet Studios Martha Clips $79.00

This transparent aqua and crystal butterfly motif barrette from Valet Studio boasts a classic French style and comes with a mini matching clip.

Gracie Clip
Valet Studio Gracie Clip $79.00

I love this large red flower-shaped clip that is covered in Swarovski crystals. It’s also offered in purple and white. 

Cali Barrette
Banana Papaya Cali Barrette $42.00

I found the brand Banana Papaya through the clothing brand Lykke Wullf a couple of years ago. I snagged the aqua-colored version of this barrette and can confirm it stays in your hair well. It’s perfect for when you want to do a half-up half-down style and want to use something more fun than a regular elastic.

Acrylic Flowers Barrette Clips,
DivineBloomsbowtique Acrylic Flowers Barrette Clip $12.00

These little acrylic flowers pack a punch with a teeny sparkly rhinestone in the center. My favorite is the tortoiseshell and yellow colorway. 

Vintage Green Lucite Hair Barrette Clip
SecondActShop Vintage Green Lucite Hair Barrette Clip $18.00

This lucite barrette is from the 80s. And with a French barrette construction, it will secure your hair and add a touch of elegance to your look. 

Stella Barrettes
Notte Jewelry Stella Barrettes $19.00

These handmade glittery star barrettes from Notte Jewelry will add a playful feel to your hairstyle. I’d also suggest checking out Notte Jewelry’s other hair accessories before you check out. Their inventory is full of gems. 

Fabric Barrettes

One of my biggest barrette pet peeves is when they are too heavy and slide down your hair. The solution? Lightweight fabric barrettes. 

Robin Mollicone Barrette
Robin Mollicone Barrette $125.00

These hand-stitched barrettes are each one-of-kind and handmade in New York. Available in red and yellow, I can see them being worn together for a colorful hair moment.

Amelie Barrette
Bando Amelie Barrette $45.00

This French-inspired barrette features a spotted hand-beaded pattern with fabric backing. It’s a fun statement accessory made with the ideal components for limited slippage.

Handmade Small Floral Knit Clip
LeafCrochetGift Handmade Small Floral Knit Clip $4.00

I love anything crochet, but I especially love a crochet hair clip. With a slide-style fixture, these lightweight clips are great for pushing back those hairs that always fall in your eyes.

Vintage Snoopy Hair Barrette
EternalBohemian Vintage Snoopy Hair Barrette $14.00

I couldn’t resist including this adorable Snoopy barrette. Cartoon memorabilia always makes me nostalgic, and this hair clip is no exception.

Classic Metal Barrettes

When I think of hair barrettes, my mind jumps to the gold one I received from my mom (it was my grandmother’s) that has maintained its condition through generations. Metal hair clips are classic and pair well with jewelry as a minimalist, clean and chic accessory choice.

Wave Luxe Hair Clip
Humans Before Handles Wave Luxe Hair Clip $13.00

This is another one of my favorite pieces from Humans Before Handles. The high-gloss hair clip is like a metal sculpture for your hair. I envision someone wearing it on a summer day with sunlight beautifully bouncing off its curved surface.

Sylvain Le Hen Two Tone Barrette
Wolf & Gypsy Vintage Sylvia Le Hen Two Tone Barrette $71.00

This barrette is made in France, and with its two-tone metal and angular shape, it’s just the epitome of chic hair wear. The exposed screws on each side add a layer of industrial flair. I recommend wearing this to secure a low, sleek ponytail.

North Atlantic 2 Fish Barrette
Gail Miller Designs North Atlantic 2 Fish Barrette $19.00

I was honestly searching for “fish barrettes'' when I came across this one from Gail Miller Designs, a female-owned metalsmith brand. It is handcrafted with a three-inch clip and available in brass, nickel, or mixed metal. This barrette also comes with a written guarantee for free life-time polishing and repair. 

Paperclip Hair Clip
Off-White Paperclip Hair Clip $356.00

While it’s the most expensive barrette on this list, I included this brass hair clip by Off-White because I never thought to wear a paperclip in my hair. But after seeing this one, I really think we should all consider doing so. 

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