10 Coachella Hair Accessories That Don't Involve Flowers or Crowns

Your Coachella beauty kit likely includes makeup-removing wipes, mini dry shampoo, and a whole host of other travel toiletries. And while we applaud your practical packing, we challenge you to take your beauty essentials one step further, and throw in a festival-worthy hair accessory or two—a scrunchie or bun cuff, perhaps? To help you decide how to adorn your braids, buns, waves, and the like at this year's festivities, we've compiled some of the very best hair accessories for Coachella.

We've seen many hair trends come and go at three-day event—flower crowns, glitter roots, and hair tattoos, to name a few. And this year, all bets are on the resurgence of the scrunchie. Not a fan of the nostalgic hair tie? We've included some classic festival hair staples as well (bandanas, anyone?). For the hair accessories worthy of Coachella, or any music festival for that matter, keep on reading.