20 Life-Saving Beauty Tips for Women in Their 20s

You learn a lot of things in your 20s—how to get over that jerk who ghosted you, how to cook for yourself and not burn your place down (maybe), and, hopefully, how to be a happy, well-adjusted individual (well… getting there, at least). And sure, you’ll make plenty of mistakes during this decade too, but we’d like to think that the lessons learned outweigh the growing pains. In the interest of making the journey just a little bit easier, we’re sharing 20 life-changing beauty tips every woman in her 20s should have in her arsenal. “But they’re just beauty tips,” you scoff. “How could they change my life?” Ah, young grasshoppers—you have so much to learn. These tips and tricks are powerful enough to save you in the face of many a hungover morning, or when you’re running late for a meeting with your boss with no time to look polished. Trust us—you’ll thank us for these later. After reading, feel free to go back to your regularly scheduled programming of documenting every moment of your life via social media. #millennials

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