Here's Where Every Fit Person Works Out in San Francisco

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San Francisco is a very mild city—it's never too hot, sometimes cold—generally light jacket weather. Couple that with the views of the bay and rocky ocean cliffs, and you've got ideal outdoor workout conditions. All that considered, it seems criminal to spend time indoors on a treadmill when you can run across the Golden Gate. However, trust us when we say that San Fran's gyms are worth being stuck inside.

For all the Golden City locals and visitors who need a bit of convincing, let this be your guide. From innovative resistance workouts to more traditional classes and a gym with a dreamy massage suite (a necessity, really), there's something for everyone.

Take a look at the 12 best gyms in San Francisco.

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diakadi fitness workout gym


Named the best gym/trainers in San Francisco for 13 years in a row, Diakadi is a training facility with personal attention from experienced, vetted professionals (though you can also use the gym on your own). Diakadi's trainers work with you to develop an intelligent plan that addresses your needs while mapping out exactly how you'll progress. They put a big emphasis on education so that you are never left wondering why you're doing something. Just take a look at the rave reviews on Yelp.

Cost of gym use without a trainer: $39/month

Personal training session: $75 to $130

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TRX Training Center

best gyms in San Francisco
TRX Training Center

Developed by a veteran Navy SEAL, TRX was born when founder and CEO Randy Hetrick hung an old jiu-jitsu belt over a door and discovered that he could train anywhere. The belt served as a suspension/resistance contraption that allowed him to work his entire body and build muscle. After leaving the Navy and entering business school, he created a more formal contraption called a Suspension Trainer, and soon, his TRX gym was built.

The classes aren't solely done via trainers, though—you'll also spend some time on the floor and with weights.

Unlimited monthly membership: $100

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Studio Mix

best gyms in san francisco
Studio Mix

We'd find it hard to believe anyone would be bored at this gym-spa hybrid—at Studio Mix, there's Pilates, yoga, boxing, rock climbing, and, of course, your traditional free weights and machines. Oh, and you can't forget about the massage suite and sauna. If you're the type of person who loves change and likes to stay challenged, Studio Mix has so many options; you'll never get bored. Choosing what feels best for you each visit is what makes Studio Mix so unique. Whether you want to take out some frustrations with a boxing session, dance your heart out with Zumba, or just relax and zen with yoga and a sauna session.

Unlimited monthly membership: $145

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Basecamp is all about fast fitness—for 35 minutes, you alternate between strength training and cardio, and then you cool down for ten. Some of this will be spent on an "assault bike" or a high-resistance bike that pushes you to your limits. It prides itself on being a "high-five" environment where everyone supports each other, with no judgment.

Unlimited monthly membership: $220

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best gyms in san francisco

Named for the amount of sweat you're sure to work up in every heart-pumping session, Salt offers a variety of high-intensity classes like Barre Fight, a mixture of isometric strength movements and HIIT kickboxing drills; and 7x7, seven sets of seven-minute circuit training. The members rave about the showers, too, which just so happen to be stocked with Malin + Goetz products.

Unlimited monthly membership: $175

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Hit Fit San Francisco

kickboxing hit fit san fransisco gym


Hit Fit is a boxing gym that designs non-contact classes to boost your cardio and strength. Whether or not you plan on taking your boxing skills to the professional level, you'll learn real skills from real competitors. Get ready to use all kinds of fitness equipment like medicine balls, TRX, agility ladders, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, and more.

Unlimited monthly membership: $159

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Tribe Fitness and Yoga Coaching

tribe fitness san fransisco yoga studio


Tribe Fitness and Yoga is based on a philosophy of complete health and wellness—training the mind, body, and spirit. They create fitness, wellness, and yoga coaching programs with a holistic mindset. Get a massage or a nutrition coaching session while you're there. You can try before you buy with a free 10 day Jump Start.

12-month group training package: $99/month

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SF Iron

natasha barnes at san fransisco iron gym


You'll be wielding the mighty barbell for most of your work at SF Iron. With a focus on building strength and general fitness, expert coaches will design custom plans to meet your strength and conditioning goals. All ranges of expertise can find guidance here—whether you're a barbell newbie or seasoned pro.

Monthly training packages: $420 to $925

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Body Mechanix

body mechanix gym


At Body Mechanix, they keep their classes small, so they feel like small-group training sessions. You'll get the attention you need to feel comfortable as you progress with your strength and fitness goals. You can try Body Strength, Boxing Strength, Body Conditioning, or their Open Gym. Whatever you choose, your coach will guide you through proper form and technique while building stamina and strength.

10 Class Pass: $150

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Accelerate Sports

accelerate sf gym


If you're a professional or aspiring athlete, or just want to look and move like one, Accelerate Sports can get you there. This performance-focused fitness center creates fully customized, personalized plans, whether you have zero experience or have your own trophy cupboard. At Accelerate Sports, there's a focus on injury prevention and rehab as well, so hit them up if you need a little TLC for a nagging injury.

Monthly plans: $970 to $1500

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17th Street Athletic Club

17th street athletic club gym


If you're looking for an inclusive, down-to-earth environment to get your sweat on, 17th Street Athletic Club is your haven. Results are a given, but having fun is the priority. The club runs 45- to 60-minute indoor cycling sessions and TRX suspension training classes for weight loss or strength goals (or both!). Mobility and flexibility are addressed at the end to keep you spry and mobile, all in an upbeat and friendly environment backed by a soundtrack of motivating, heart-pumping beats.

Monthly membership: $99 to $160

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Core Studio SPX

core studio spx gym


Go on a journey with your mind, body, and core at Core Studio SPX. They aim to create a fun and energizing environment for your workout sessions using state-of-the-art equipment in a clean, bright, and cheerful space. Core Studio has top-notch cycling classes combined with pilates on the Megaformer to boost your core and cardio fitness. Build strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility while making friends and having fun. What's not to love?

4-class pass: $99

Unlimited monthly pass: $299

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